Friday, June 04, 2004

*** hotmama has joined
*** Darklord sets mode: +b *!*@*
*** hotmama was kicked by Darklord (User has been banned from the channel )
[MistressDrusilla] DAmn
[MistressDrusilla] who was that?
[RangerOfTheEast] guess we'll never know *sniffle*
[Kwame] hmmm, somebody not wanted here....hmmm......
[Movieguy] lol, Dark
[WinslowLeach] hotmama
[WinslowLeach] whoever that is
[Movieguy] I think we had enough cyber as it is last night
[RangerOfTheEast] huh?
[Movieguy] you had to be here
[WinslowLeach] some chick named cathy was asking me about sexual things the other night
[WinslowLeach] she kept PMing me
[RangerOfTheEast] the one thats still here wins?
[WinslowLeach] i never even talked to her before
[WinslowLeach] oops

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