Friday, June 04, 2004

[SadSadSahm] Drusilla- Hi I'm Sam. I'd like to take you out sometime for Fro Yo or Boston Market. Maybe both.
[MCVamp] you trying to fatten her up sam?
[Ghoulardi] Don't need to do that
[Tenacious-C] What's Fro Yo?
[SadSadSahm] Frozeon Yogurt
[Tenacious-C] That's a good line...would you like to go out for fro yo
[MistressDrusilla] hello Sam. Are you hitting on me?
[SadSadSahm] Dru- Yes.
[SadSadSahm] Dru - Girls don't usually like me.
[SadSadSahm] Unless they're related to me/
[MistressDrusilla] Sam: oh, ok....casue if you wanted me to hit on you that's gonna cost ya

[Ghoulardi] Fuck off, Sam
[SadSadSahm] Ghoulardi - watch your mouth.
[Ghoulardi] Fuck no I won't you fucking fuck
*** Tenacious-C hands Ghoul a mirror
[Ghoulardi] :)
*** Ghoulardi admires himself in the mirror.
[SadSadSahm] Ghoulardi - Language. Please. Don't make me...
[Ghoulardi] Man, I'm a fucking beautiful bastard
[Tenacious-C] so you can watch your mouth as you cuss silly
[Ghoulardi] Suck my dick, SadSadSamlikeslittleboys
[SadSadSahm] Hey, I don't like little boys.
[Ghoulardi] The hell you don't. I've got your FBI file
[SadSadSahm] Ghoulardi - my little kids are watching this.
[SadSadSahm] Don't make me feed you your wang in a hot dog bun.
[Ghoulardi] Fuck fuckity fuck fuck cunt cocksucker Celine Dion
[MistressDrusilla] Ghouli! Don't use those words!!!
[Ghoulardi] I know...I said the CD word!
[MistressDrusilla] I mean, Celine Dion? Could you GET any more offensive!
[Ghoulardi] mwahahahaha
[Ghoulardi] Nope
[Ghoulardi] :D
[Tenacious-C] sheesh Ghoul..there's no call for that kinda of talk
[SadSadSahm] Ghoulardi - I challenge you to a duel.
[MCVamp] slap him with a glove!

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