Friday, June 04, 2004

[wus] My sister is hot. She looked great at the wedding.
[nanch] [wus] My sister is hot.
[wus] It's true.
[TheDevilsMetatarsal] pictures
[wus] no.
[TheDevilsMetatarsal] fake pictures
[wus] No.
[nanch] YES
[TheDevilsMetatarsal] descriptions
[wus] It's just funny, now that's she's a woman and not a skinny kid anymore.
[nanch] Hey, if it's mutual I say go for it
[nanch] I don't have a problem with siblings falling inlove
[wus] Not love, but she is very good looking.
[TheDevilsMetatarsal] To: Subject: You're hot Memo: Your brothersays you're hot. Can we see?
[wus] The other sister is hot, however she's a pain in the ass.
[nanch] wus: You had a threesome with both your sisters/ In a closet?
[OBCaliElf] wus = incestuous?
[OBCaliElf] ew
[Abstruse] nanch: "Pain in the ass"...must've used a strap-on on him...
[wus] Nanch: please, you're ruining the post-wedding vibe.
[nanch] OBCaliElf: Yes'm.
[TheDevilsMetatarsal] To: From: Subject: Re: You're hot Memo: He's not my brother and he has a restraining order. Don't encourage him

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