Saturday, April 09, 2005

[JeTmAn] bamf: is Bright Eyes gay?
[DrMajorSgt] Ah yes the "Man-Hug" for us Los Angeles folk, that hug is Hertzberg approved
[Vertov] don't go lower!
[JeTmAn] i'm figuring you'd know
[Vertov] Hertzbergzilla lost dude.
[bamf] Jet, is the sky blue?
* VicoJenn gags
[JeTmAn] bamf: !
[AICNJava9575] Conor Oberst is straight
[bamf] either that, or he's a screaming emo mommy's boy
[DrMajorSgt] Bamf: Me?
[JeTmAn] see i know he is whiny and all that
[VicoJenn] thank you, Java
[Vertov] lol
[bamf] not you DMS, Bright Eyes
* Vertov has no gaydar.
[VicoJenn] he's not gay.

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