Monday, May 02, 2005

* dmann grinds her hips down against paladin every time he pushes in, moaning around Bigbear's cock "Mm MM MM MM MM MM"
[dmann] the fuck?
[JennGirl] uh....
[MistressDrusilla] WHAT????????
[Vertov] huh?
[dmann] the fuck was that?
[Mr_Sinister] bwahahaha
[dmann] well, thats odd and surprising
[dmann] yeah
[Vertov] a fantasy of yours?
[dmann] no...
* Vertov wonders who this hot Paladin is.
* Ozymandias moves slowly away from dmann
[chica] lol
[dmann] sigh....god, i hate trying new scripts for ircle

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