Tuesday, May 17, 2005

[Moriarty] In honor of this week's release of REVENGE OF THE SITH, I will no longer wear my slave name, given to me by my Jedi oppressors. From this point on, I only want to be known by my new name... my true Sith name...
*** Moriarty is now known as DarthCriticus
[Ghoulardi] pbbbbbt
[Foo] lol
[Ghoulardi] Dark Lord of the Bitch
[DarthCriticus] Do not mock me, Ghoulardi, or I will give you a negative review.
[Ghoulardi] Join the line with all my exes
[RaretowN] heh
[DarthCriticus] "I found Ghoulardi to be trite and overwritten. At times, his cinematography was downright amateur. Overall, I can't imagine anyone's going to want to watch much of Ghoulardi. Skip it."

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