Tuesday, May 24, 2005

[Neil] I got a pool today
[Neil] I'm going to beat the heat
[Vertov] Neil - with rocks, or your fists?
[Neil] with the power of love
[Neil] like Huey Lewis
[Vertov] that sounds... like an 80s power ballad
Vertov lays down his +5 Power Ballad spell
[kannibal] Okay, I'm warning you folks who were going on about the Loverboy thing, THIS IS UGLY
[Neil] why Tim, are you not lovin' every minute of it?
Vertov combines his Power Ballad Spell with his imaginary Chinese Democracy move.
[Vertov] a cloaking spell
[Neil] is everybody here workin' for the weekend?
[Saffy] Neil take a piece of my heart..
[Ludious] Chinese Democracy?...brain a'splode?
[Saffy] HAIR Metal D&D
[Vertov] yup.
[MistressDrusilla] .'
[THanson] here we go again.
[Ludious] I can beat your legions of hair metal bands with but a single match.
[Saffy] Vertov I stop you wuth my screaming guitar solo
[Ludious] Light that bitch and the RAVE will do the rest.
Vertov now uses his +10 AC/DC spell.
[Vertov] Now you're Thunderstruck
[Saffy] Vertov HA! I used my Back In Black cloak and it bounced off me and hit you
[Vertov] damnit!
[Saffy] no f-f-fa foolin
Vertov forgot his Foreigner Belt too. That would have deactivated the cloak!
Saffy sends her KISS demon after Vertov
Vertov sends forth his Rolling Stone zombies.
[Vertov] Keith Richards hungers for BRAIN
[Neil] Saff I hear you typing
[Neil] but I can't pm right now
[Neil] me and the boys are playin'
[Saffy] and you just can't fin the sound...
[Neil] and we just can't fiiiind the soooound
[Vertov] lol
[Ludious] ...
[Saffy] Well Neil,
[Neil] the sound on the computer
[Saffy] Round and Round
[Saffy] what goes around comes around
[Saffy] just...give it time
[Neil] what button makes it unmute?
[Ludious] i swear to God if you people don't stop, I'm going to be forced to Rock you all, like that proverbial Hurricaine.
[Vertov] here I am.
[Ludious] I'm a real Tom Sawyer when I need to be.
[Saffy] well I'm only 17
[Saffy] ooh I broke out WINGER...lol
[chica] lol
[Vertov] No you're not. Alice Cooper says you're 18.
[Saffy] Vertov you wanna love but you better not touch
[Vertov] I can't win.
[Vertov] she used Winger on me.
[RaretowN] lol winger
[RaretowN] id forgotten about winger
RaretowN] kip
[Vertov] I only remember because of the Beavis and Butthead joke.
[Neil] don't say a word cause I already heard what your body is saying to mine
[Vertov] its the dorky guy who wore the winger shirt.
[RaretowN] that reminds me, can i get my Stryper tshirt back sometime vert
[Ludious] This mountain of bad hair band puns has left me cryin in the rain.
[Neil] I'm talking to YOU Milagroman!
[Vertov] the power of Christ rocks you, RaretowN.
[Vertov] with the new gospel of rock!
[Milagroman] Just what the heck did I walk into?
[RaretowN] heh
[Vertov] We're using our powers of classic rock to battle, Milagroman.
[Milagroman] The powers of classic rock to battle?
[Saffy] Ludious well aren't you just like a Rainbow in the Dark
[Milagroman] ...
[Milagroman] You know what? I'm gonna sit this one out.
[Milagroman] You boys have at it.
[Ludious] Oh yeah/
[Ludious] ?
[Ludious] Well I am immortal.
[Vertov] Yeah, let the men duke it out, while the boys sit on the sidelines.
[Ludious] I have inside me, blood of kings.
[Saffy] Born to be KING
[Ludious] I have NO rivals.
[Ludious] No man can be my equal.
[Saffy] Ludious but who wants to live forever?
[Ludious] ok this is making me die inside. I've gotta quit.
[Vertov] Pfft. I roll a natural 20 and destroy you with my We Will Rock You chant.
[Vertov] in which a crowd of drunk hockey players attack the spell's target.
[Saffy] Vertov Yeah well I break out IRON MAN...I WIN!! bwahahahaha

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