Wednesday, May 25, 2005

[Saffy] I want to be one of those funky female Jedi's
[JennGirl] there was a girl at was perfect
[Ghoulardi] I like the one with the yellow and black face, Saffy
[JennGirl] if i could be a female Jedi....
[Ghoulardi] I can't remember her name
[Neil] Shaaki Ti
[JennGirl] yeah
[Neil] we know
[JennGirl]: Skaak Ti
[JennGirl] CHUT UP
[Ghoulardi] Skank Ti?
[JennGirl] well
[ JennGirl] just you two smartasses
[Saffy] although I will say Amidala's costumes are breathtaking
[Neil] if I was going to be a jedi it wouldn't be one of those suckerfucks that got chumped by Palpatine
[Ghoulardi] Luminara Uduli
[Ghoulardi] That chick
[Ghoulardi] She has a kick ass costume
[JennGirl] she's cool
[Ghoulardi] Oh, you're TOTALLY Kit Fisto, Neil
[Neil] Fisto
[Neil] heh
[JennGirl] Kit guy that plays
[Neil] at least he lasted a bit
[JennGirl] hottie.
[Neil] like 2 seconds more
[Neil] Shit Fisto
[Neil] hahahahahaha
[JennGirl] very clever, neil

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