Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Braves: i always wanted to buy x-ray glasses out of the backs of magazines...i know they wont work, but i'd like to see what they actually send...i want to see what zany filter they put over the lens to trick you
Miracleman: I got those once, Braves.
Miracleman: I thought they were pretty cool.
Miracleman: Of course, I was eight years old at the time, so I was easily impressed.
theremin: eight years old, and already a voyeuristic masturbator
Miracleman: Ssshhhhut up.
Miracleman: Here's my impression of theremin...
Miracleman: ""
theremin: is that my dick slapping you in the face?
Miracleman: Maybe.
theremin: ok
theremin: keep in mind I don't tip
Miracleman: That's okay. I don't take it in the face, anyway.

submitted by Miracleman

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