Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ghoulardi: What's up in this e-neighborhood?
Ludious: Oh you know, the usual Ghoulardi.
DrMajorSgt: Fook: The usual violence and Santa raping
Ludious: Kidnapping transients, slitting their throats and hanging them upside down to drain.
Ludious: Normal stuff.
DrMajorSgt: Lud: So that's why you bought those hooks from that butcher shop down the street
DrMajorSgt: shit can I come over?
Ludious: .......get your own hobos!
DrMajorSgt: aw
Ghoulardi: I...missed...a Santa raping???
DrMajorSgt: Fook: You got to get here on time
DrMajorSgt: otherwise you miss out
DrMajorSgt states a day where a Santa isn't porked isn't a day worth living

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