Saturday, November 26, 2005

i left the timestamp on....just to show how long this took. the mind BOGGLES.

[2:43:05 AM:] Miracleman: Hey Vertov, I got a problem... I can only log onto the chatroom using the nick "Miracleman." If I try to change it or try to log on using a different nick, I get kicked off and prevented from re-joining until I change my nick back to "Miracleman." Seeing as how you're a mighty op and all that, maybe you could find some way to rectify this situation?
[2:43:44 AM:] Miracleman: See, because I want to change my name to something Transformers-related. But the system wont' let me.
[2:43:54 AM:] Miracleman: So, yeah.
[2:43:56 AM:] Vertov: what is the name you're putting in?
[2:43:56 AM:] DevilKitty: gotta stick with one nick
[2:44:05 AM:] DevilKitty: or change it and keep *that* one
[2:44:08 AM:] Vertov: I dunno, JENN.
[2:44:16 AM:] Miracleman: If I put in anything, it prevents me from speaking in the channel.
[2:44:23 AM:] DevilKitty: 'cause you're an exception
[2:44:24 AM:] Vertov: how odd.
[2:44:28 AM:] Miracleman: Alright, here, I'm gonna change my name to "KingMiracleman."
[2:44:32 AM:] Vertov: are you expected from a ban?
[2:44:35 AM:] ***: Miracleman is now known as KingMiracleman
[2:44:41 AM:] Vertov: King of Kings!
[2:45:10 AM:] Vertov: couldn't he just add KingMiracleman to the group of Miracleman?
[2:45:30 AM:] DevilKitty: one would think
[2:45:32 AM:] ***: KingMiracleman has left the channel
[2:45:37 AM:] DevilKitty: dunno tho...with an exception
[2:45:48 AM:] ***: Vertov is now known as KingVertov
[2:46:05 AM:] KingVertov: He was a wise lord... ruled with benevolence and with great hip hops songs
[2:46:06 AM:] ***: Miracleman ( has joined the channel
[2:46:14 AM:] Miracleman: [01:44] *** Mode change "-r" for user Miracleman by Miracleman.
[2:46:14 AM:] Miracleman: [01:44] *** 404 KingMiracleman :Cannot send to channel (You are banned)
[2:46:18 AM:] SilentWar: ouch!
[2:46:27 AM:] Miracleman: See?
[2:46:29 AM:] ***: KingVertov is now known as Vertov
[2:46:30 AM:] Vertov: hmm
[2:46:31 AM:] DevilKitty:
[2:46:41 AM:] DevilKitty: you either have to keep "MIracleman"
[2:46:42 AM:] DevilKitty: or
[2:46:42 AM:] Vertov: again, try the group thing.
[2:46:56 AM:] DevilKitty: change it and keep *that* nick
[2:47:02 AM:] Foo: deckards
[2:47:03 AM:] Miracleman: What is this "group" thing?
[2:47:11 AM:] DevilKitty: you, unfortunately, can't nick hop
[2:47:24 AM:] Miracleman: Hey, is my text showing up red?
[2:47:30 AM:] Miracleman: Nevermind.
[2:47:32 AM:] DevilKitty: yeah. make it stop.

[2:47:39 AM:] Miracleman: Okay... that's weird.
[2:47:39 AM:] Vertov: you know even less about IRC than I do, MM.
[2:47:40 AM:] Vertov: jesus
[2:47:57 AM:] Miracleman: Can the balloon juice, gramps.
[2:47:57 AM:] Vertov: are you using mIRC?
[2:48:04 AM:] Miracleman: No, I'm using Trillian.
[2:48:08 AM:] Miracleman: Oh, there we go! No more red.
[2:48:09 AM:] Vertov: oh, there we go.
[2:48:23 AM:] Vertov: you're a strange fellow, MM.
[2:48:27 AM:] Miracleman: But I've never had trouble with Trillian in the past.
[2:48:37 AM:] deckardbr: neither did Arthur Dent
[2:48:42 AM:] Miracleman: I've always been able to change my name and do all kinds of groovy things.

[2:49:02 AM:] Miracleman: I know... I'll quit Trillian and log back into the chatroom using the Java page on the AICN site.
[2:49:09 AM:] Miracleman: Then we'll see if I can log on using a different name.
[2:49:12 AM:] DevilKitty: Miracleman.
[2:49:14 AM:] Miracleman: brb
[2:49:19 AM:] ***: Miracleman has quit IRC (Quit:
[2:49:23 AM:] DevilKitty: i give up.
[2:49:26 AM:] Vertov: lol
[2:49:30 AM:] DevilKitty: he's all your's, Zimmah
[2:49:30 AM:] deckardbr: lets see what happens when we switch MM's irc chat program with Fogers Crystals...
[2:49:33 AM:] Miracleman: haha
[2:49:38 AM:] Vertov: Jenn, MM is... eccentric.
[2:49:43 AM:] Magi: quitters never win
[2:49:55 AM:] ***: Miracleman ( has joined the channel
[2:50:00 AM:] deckardbr: MM never wants a second chat client at home...

[2:51:00 AM:] Miracleman: Huh. The Java console wouldn't let me log in as "AICNJava2343" or whatever mandatory name it gave me at the start... it said "You are banned from this channel." I had to change my nick and type in "/join"
[2:51:29 AM:] Miracleman: lol internet
[2:51:29 AM:] Vertov: again... your IP address has been banned.
[2:51:39 AM:] Vertov: the exception is very narrow, only to the name "Miracleman"
[2:51:50 AM:] Vertov: try the group mode. Please.
[2:51:51 AM:] Miracleman: Alright then... is there something you might be able to do to allow my entire IP?
[2:51:55 AM:] Vertov: No.
[2:51:58 AM:] DevilKitty: NO!
[2:52:01 AM:] Vertov: because there's likely some asshole behind it.
[2:52:26 AM:] Miracleman: I don't know what group mode is or how to use it. Seeing as how I'm a buck-toothed Texas hick.
[2:52:34 AM:] Vertov: one second.
[2:53:01 AM:] DevilKitty: try /msg nickserv group Miracleman yourpassword
[2:53:07 AM:] DevilKitty: AFTER you change your nick
[2:53:44 AM:] Miracleman: "You are already a member of the group of Miracleman."
[2:53:49 AM:] Miracleman: Thanks, ChatSolutions. Big help there.
[2:53:51 AM:] DevilKitty: AFTER you change your nick
[2:53:54 AM:] Vertov:
[2:53:55 AM:] DevilKitty: AFTER you change your nick
[2:53:57 AM:] DevilKitty: AFTER you change your nick
[2:53:58 AM:] ***: Miracleman is now known as KingMiracleman
[2:54:01 AM:] Vertov: because your current name IS Miracleman
[2:54:02 AM:] Vertov: there.
[2:54:02 AM:] DevilKitty: PAY ATTENTION
[2:54:13 AM:] SilentWar: this is comedy worth paying money for.
[2:54:24 AM:] Magi: you are militant tonight kitty
[2:54:33 AM:] deckardbr: its mistress
[2:55:09 AM:] Vertov: Well did it work?
[2:55:25 AM:] theremin: AFTER?
[2:55:27 AM:] theremin: haha
[2:55:29 AM:] Magi: only if she spanks me
[2:56:54 AM:] Vertov: Miracleguy?
[2:56:55 AM:] Vertov: you there?
[2:57:11 AM:] ***: KingMiracleman has left the channel

[2:57:16 AM:] Vertov: okay.
[2:57:19 AM:] Magi: so, who wants chinese?
[2:57:32 AM:] ***: Miracleman ( has joined the channel
[2:57:34 AM:] Vertov: If i eat anymore I fear my stomach will explode.
[2:58:07 AM:] Miracleman: Hmmm... this is distressing. Even AFTER successfully adding a different nick to my "Group," ChatSolutions is STILL banning me for not using "Miracleman."
[2:58:20 AM:] Vertov: log in as Miracleman.
[2:58:23 AM:] Miracleman: I added "KingMiracleman" to my group, but I was still banned from using it.
[2:58:26 AM:] deckardbr: how can you be banned and still be in here?
[2:58:26 AM:] DevilKitty: guess the group thing don't work, Zimmah
[2:58:35 AM:] Vertov: than once you're on the server change your name
[2:58:37 AM:] Miracleman: I had to refresh the page.
[2:58:44 AM:] Vertov: then log into the room.
[2:59:02 AM:] Vertov: it doesn't give you the freedom as everyone else, but it might work.

[2:59:07 AM:] DevilKitty: ok...lemme fix this
[2:59:23 AM:] Magi: how did he get banned in the first place?
[2:59:24 AM:] ***: DevilKitty has exempted “KingMiracleMan!*@*” from banning
[2:59:33 AM:] DevilKitty: he'll think it's magic
[2:59:33 AM:] Vertov: He didn't.
[2:59:41 AM:] Vertov: lol
[2:59:45 AM:] Vertov: you are a devil kitty.
[2:59:59 AM:] ***: DevilKitty has un-exempted “KingMiracleMan!*@*” from banning
[2:59:59 AM:] ***: DevilKitty has exempted “KingMiracleMan!*@*” from banning

and after all that...he never came back.

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