Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Batmanbeginsboy: u all know it
Ghoulardi: All I know...
Batmanbeginsboy: u like xmen?
Ghoulardi: Is that people who type u are morons
Ghoulardi: There's two more letters, dipshit. It'll take you an extra half-second to type them.
Batmanbeginsboy: awww ghoulardi pitching a bitch about my grammer
Ghoulardi: grammar
Ghoulardi: Moron
Ghoulardi: I'd loosen up if you had your tongue on my bung, bitchboy
Mops: its like the abbreviation for at is @
Mops: who abbreviates a two letter word?
Ghoulardi: Idiots do, Mops.
Ghoulardi: Just the idiots.
Ghoulardi: Like Buttmanpenisboy
Mops: is that the same guy or is penis boy the sidekick?
Ghoulardi: I think he failed out of sidekick classes
Ghoulardi: He's too lame to even sidekick
Mops: sidedick
Ghoulardi: haha
Mops: or is it slidedick
Ghoulardi: Probably both
*** Saffy is now known as Vegas
Ghoulardi: Lo, Vegas
Vegas: hiya Ghoul
Ghoulardi: Or, as Buttmanpenisboy would refer to you (wishfully)...Vegass
Ghoulardi: Oh, sorry...he would refer to u
Ghoulardi: Forgot to dumb myself down

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