Saturday, December 31, 2005

dmann: well, youre a poop
Ghoulardi: Yeah, but you smell like poop
Ghoulardi: And you eat poop
RaretowN: hmm.
Ghoulardi: And live in a house made of poop
Annika: don't turn the hose on..
Ghoulardi: Hmm yerself, gaylord
RaretowN: this from a man who says I have an anal fixation
Ghoulardi: No
Ghoulardi: I said you're a gaylord
RaretowN: well, id rather be a shit stabber than a scat freak
Ghoulardi: I mentioned nothing about anal
RaretowN: mr pooptastic
RaretowN: champion of the ring
Ghoulardi: Gah
RaretowN: who scrubs down the Scat-Mats (tm) round your gaff ghoulardi?

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