Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ghoulardi: It's TROMA!
Ghoulardi: Troma means QUALITY!
rain: nobody argued
rain: don't get your balls in an uproar
chewybrain: Ghoulardi's Roaring Testicles(TM)
rain: haha
Ghoulardi: Yes. Wouldn't want you thinking about mounting my testes on your wall again.
rain: bah
Chris: whats all this talk about testicles?
Ghoulardi: There you go with the bahing again
rain: can't ever talk too much about testicles
Ghoulardi: Don't make me get the sheep suit and call Ebben
chewybrain does an impromptu Darth Vader impersonation: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"
rain: Ebben says that's the Welsh, not the Scots
away: heh
away: No one asked the Welsh
rain: true
Ghoulardi: Worse yet, I have bits and pieces of Welsh AND Scot DNA
Ghoulardi: So apparently, I'm doubly cursed
rain: ahh that explains a lot
Ghoulardi shows rain his pet birdie
rain: no wonder you get excited when i bah
away: ear wool?
RaretowN: you're american ghoulardi
RaretowN: thats a curse enough
rain: lol Rare
chewybrain: really, who here *hasn't* fucked at least one sheep?
Ghoulardi: You certainly enjoy your time here, gaylord
Ghoulardi: :p
rain slaps Rare upside the head

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