Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ghoulardi: Star Trek fans are frightening, Anghus. That's why
dmann: Ghoulardi, the hard core ones are
Ghoulardi: Having covered two Trek conventions...every stereotype I'd ever true.
Ghoulardi: And then some
dmann: ive only covered one
Anghus: lets rank in terms of sadness
dmann: and i cant disagree, Ghouli
Anghus: 1. Star Trek Fans
Anghus: 2. Star Wars Fans
Anghus: 3. Space 1999 Fans
Anghus: 4. Whedon Fans
dmann: and the sad thing is, they dont reach out to appeal to the casual Star Trek fan
RandallFlagg: There are Space 1999 fans?
Ghoulardi: Thing is, d...
Anghus: randall, yes, which is why its so sad
dmann: the person who doesnt dress up, they just really like to watch the shows
Ghoulardi: Star Trek fans...are about 1000X cooler than anime fans.
dmann: the entire franchise has lost those fans
Ghoulardi: That'll tell you something
dmann: are they?
dmann: oh
dmann: my
dmann: god
Ghoulardi: I've worked at two anime conventions...heavilly chemically enhanced...
Ghoulardi: I needed the medication
dmann: who did you cover the trek cons for?
Ghoulardi: A newspaper I worked for at the time.
RandallFlagg: More female geeks than male geeks. Woohoo.
dmann: so "real" media
Ghoulardi: Yeah
RandallFlagg: Whedon geeks. shudder....
dmann: god, dont they bend over backwards for "real" media?
dmann: the one i covered did
Ghoulardi: They did for me, yeah
Ghoulardi: I had more access than the people working the damn thing.
Ghoulardi: Things I learned from Star Trek conventions
Ghoulardi: 1) All Klingons...are 8 am
dmann: "here, do you need anything" "Take a writers guide to DS9" "do you want to talk to Terry Farrell"
Ghoulardi: 2) Klingon women...are FRIGHTENING
dmann: absolutely, Ghoulardi
Ghoulardi: Catherine Hicks was VERY cute in person
Ghoulardi: :p
dmann: We had Terry
Ghoulardi: Cocksucker
dmann: not cute
Ghoulardi: She was in BACK TO SCHOOL!!!
Abstruse1: Star Trek has plenty of female fans...they're all just very very perverted kinky little things writing Kirk/Spock fanfic erotica...
Ghoulardi: COCKSUCKER!!!
dmann: cute is the TOTAL wrong word
Abstruse1: And half of them weigh over 300 lbs
Ghoulardi: Yes. I know.
Ghoulardi: Well, I had to match Colm Meany pint for pint, so I came out OK...
Ghoulardi: Except he still never looked hot
Abstruse1: I want to go to a really geeky convention...
Abstruse1: I haven't been to one since I gave a shit about Star Trek years ago...
dmann: Ghouli, does it help if i tell you that the big boobs Farrell had on DS9 were all the costume?
Ghoulardi: Dude...
Ghoulardi: She was in BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!
dmann: no, shes flat
dmann: well, not flat

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