Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hoodside: i dont support any of those schmcuks..i just dont eat meat, cause its fucking gross
Ludious: I love meat.
Ghoulardi: Ludious loves man meat
Hoodside: i bet you do lud
Ghoulardi: Fucking cocksucker
Hoodside: fleshy meat
Ludious: man meat with extra mayo.
Hoodside: fudge packer
Ozymandias: Tube steak eating Ludious
Ludious: with peanuts
Hoodside: eat my tube steak you slut
Hoodside: i store salads
Ludious: He's talking about his overweight girlfriends' corpses! Don't go near him!
Annika: i store vegetarian boyfiends
Hoodside: plants dont have brains
Ludious: Neither do vegetarians hoodside. Perfect fit.
Ludious: ooooh easy burn
Ozymandias: I don't mind vegetarians, it's the vegans that annoy, especially the ones who won't feed their pets meat
Ghoulardi: I was a vegetarian for about 4 years
Ghoulardi: Then I remembered...I really fucking like barbecue
Hoodside: vegans are very fucking annoying
Hoodside: they are preachy
Ghoulardi: My cat can have the meat from my boot toes when I kick the shit out of him FOR ALWAYS MEOWING TO ANNOY ME

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