Wednesday, December 07, 2005

kannibal: Took my hangover outside, bought a biography of Hitchcock, grabbed a subway sub, a couple cans of beer, and headed to the park to read, drink the beer, and take a nap under a tree
Ghoulardi: Sounds like a good day
Annika: yes it does
kannibal: well, I passed out for three hours under this nice oak tree, and here nobody will fuck with you if you're catching some z's
RaretowN: not even the squirells kann?
kannibal: The squirrels are always after me nuts
RaretowN: deez nuts
Ghoulardi: Too bad you don't have any, kan :p
kannibal: Well, if i don't have any Lardass, what's that there resting on your chin?

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