Wednesday, December 07, 2005

More Fun With Ewoks

Ribbons: What is "yiff?"
ElFuego: ribbons - you don't want to know.
ElFuego: if you don't, be grateful that you don't.
SilentBobX: It's a word meaning "Oh god I'm cumming" in the ewok language
Ghoulardi: SBX...
Ghoulardi: I hate you.
bamf: lol
SilentBobX: Hehehe
Neil: I thought that was "yub-yub"
Ghoulardi: FUCK YOU, NEIL!
Ghoulardi: GAH
Neil: no Jedi again
Neil: for reals
Ghoulardi: Neil...
Neil: yes?
Ghoulardi: You're going to ruin Star Wars for me
Ghoulardi: I imagine, I KNOW he's sitting in his kitchen...
Ghoulardi: Giggling with glee
Neil rapes Adam's childhood
Ghoulardi rapes Neil's wading pool
Ghoulardi: REVENGE!!!
Neil: wevenge!
Neil: wevenge!
Neil: oh look! it's K-k-k-kent! Coming to k-k-k-kill me!

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