Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nordling: I wish Cruise would go on Oprah and jump on couches and scream "I LOVE DICK! DICK! LOVE IT!"

Nordling: We all KNOW he's gay.
Ghoulardi: I don't KNOW he's gay. But I have no gadar.
Researchin: if that had happened, "Respect the cock, Tame the cunt!" would have a whole new meaning
kannibal: All he needs to do is say 'Sometimes you just need to say 'I love cock''
Annika: lol
Annika: true dat kann
Ghoulardi: So, I'm the worst judge of gayness ever. Except when it comes to RaretowN
chewy|afk: ha
Ghoulardi: The BBC told me so
Nordling: I see where he's coming from. It's like in MOONLIGHTING. We all knew Cybill and Bruce would wind up together. And when they did, it wasn't fun anymore. This is like that. Once he admits his gayness, he won't be fun to watch in his raging denial.

Ebben: why do you all think Cruise is gay?
Ebben: where did this come from,?
Nordling: Ebben, the real question is "Why don't you?"
kannibal: Tom's as queer as a three dollar bill
Ebben: because nord, i have never seen or heard anything to make me think he is
Nordling: "You can be my wingman any time." "Bullshit. You can be mine." That's code for "Don't stop until your balls hit my taint."
Ebben: yeah let's all listen to Tarantino
Ebben rolls his eyes
Ghoulardi: "You can RIDE MY TAIL"
Nordling: Hahahahah
Ghoulardi: (swordfight! swordfight!)
Nordling: C'mon, when you have better onscreen chemistry with Ving Rhames than Emmanuelle Beart, there's got to be a little gay in there.

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