Saturday, December 31, 2005

Otaking: I dont have fingerprints on my kleft hand
Ghoulardi: You have a kleft hand?
Otaking: peeled the skin off mt fibgertips
Ghoulardi: Is that like where the Klimt is?
Peach: ew
Otaking: it freaking hurts
Ghoulardi: On top of Mt Fibgertips, all covered in cheese...
Ghoulardi: I lost my poor meatball when Otaking sneezed...
Otaking squirts blood at fook
Ghoulardi throws Takashi Miike's spunk in Ota's eyes
Otaking: right hand
Otaking: good thing i didt hurt mt right
Ghoulardi: Is that your Jerkin' Hand?
Otaking: umm
Otaking: nevermind
RaretowN films ghoulardi tugging off takashi miike for future reference

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