Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Saffy: Vert like Deadwood...cocksucker
Vertov: Saffy - yeah, but that's show's better than a fair chunk of movies.
Vertov: but you still wouldn't see me traveling to other states to see a Deadwood movie.
Ghoulardi: Did someone say Deadwood...and then cocksucker?
Saffy: Ghoul it was me, I said Deadwood Cocksucker
Vertov: Ghoulardi - that's right, you cocksuckin' squarehead.
Ghoulardi: OK, Vertov, you hooplehead motherfucker
Ghoulardi: You're on my fucking list
Vertov: Ghoulardi - I propose a cocksucking truce to end these vile hostilities.
Vertov: we'll spit on it.
Saffy: I love when anyone mentions Deadwood how everyone just goes mach 10 vulgar
Ghoulardi: I propose you kiss my fucking ass, cocksucker
MistressDrusilla: shut the fuck up you cocksucking cocksucker motherfucker!
Vertov: Saffy - I adore the language, how it just mingles that 19th century style we're used to from literary works with just the strongest language possible.
Milagroman: If there was a Deadwood movie, I wonder what the film's tagline would be...
MistressDrusilla: the tagline would just be ONE word....COCKSUCKER

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