Wednesday, December 07, 2005

*** Signoff: Lotus (Quit: Lotus)
JennGirl: GOD...she hurts my fucking brain
Saffy: Jenn seriously, she may be retarded
JennGirl: honestly
RavWriting: lol
JennGirl: i hope she is
Saffy: Rav met her...
JennGirl: it'd explain A LOT
Milagroman: Hey... it's "mentally challenged."
Saffy: OK Rav is she REALLY that stupid?
RavWriting: no comment
Saffy: because if she is, they should take her drivers liscence away for public safety
JennGirl: A HA
JennGirl: your silence proves it
RavWriting: ....*silent pause*....hrmmm.. ummm uhh, she's nice
RavWriting: saffy, dont make me be mean, im not good and nice, this is a question for me in person heh
JennGirl: Saffy....i think you got your answer right there
JennGirl: :)

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