Saturday, December 31, 2005 all started with a discussion about the Dukes of Hazzard...

Ludious: they weren't racist in the series though. They just had a rebel flag. The thing you've got to realize is that the rebel flag is only a symbol of racism to blacks. Country white folks think nothing of it.
JennGirl: um
Ludious: To them it's just southern.
JennGirl: i'm a country white folk
JennGirl: and i think it's bad
JennGirl: so
Ludious: You're using the internet Jenn.
JennGirl: try again
Ludious: You bathe.
Todd: Nah, its pretty racist now
Ludious: You're not really what I'm referring to
bamf: Psst... they don't know it's 2005
Vertov: it really depends on the context.
bamf: they think the Civil War is still going on
JennGirl: they aren't as dumb as you think
Ghoulardi: Yes they are
Ludious: Remember, I'm from Mississippi. Yes they are
Vertov: on the side of the General Lee, its just not.
Ghoulardi: The context is, Vertov...they're celebrating TREASON
Ludious: They are as dumb as I think. They're dumb. But they're dumb like hobbits. They're ignorant.
bamf: True Ghoul
Todd: I'm not defending it but as a northerner, rebel flag = racist
Ghoulardi: Secession from the Union was treason. Attacking American forts was treason.
Vertov: Ghoulardi - true. But its more or less about regionalism now.
Ghoulardi: Displaying a rebel flag is treasonous.
Ghoulardi: All Southerners should be hung.
Ghoulardi: Thank you.
JennGirl: the thing is
JennGirl: that flag wasn't even used that long
bamf: LOL
dmann: and its not the actual confederate flag
JennGirl: it's like they just latched on to the one that looked the best
dmann: its just the battle flag
CHUD: there are just as many redneck assholes in the north than in the south... GHOUL
dmann: and its not racist in and of itself, thats a misuse of the word
Todd: yay i started a fight
Ghoulardi: Are you calling me a redneck, CHUDdie?
dmann: racist means that youre trying to suppress people, a flag cant do that
Ghoulardi: You wanna rumble?
Ghoulardi: I'll call the Jets
Vertov: we've gone from enjoying the idea of a Dukes of Hazzard movie to having this.
Ghoulardi: You call the Sharks.
CHUD: no, u must not have read what i typed
Ghoulardi: We'll rumble.
Vertov: boy, boy, crazy boy.....
dmann: its just a symbol that brings about thoughts of racism
Todd surpresses dmann with a flag
Vertov: .......stay coooooooooooooooool
Todd: Cant do what now?
Ghoulardi puts on tight pants and gets gayed up to go kick some southern chuddie Shark ass
Ludious: I have a harley shop near me. I've seen a black biker with a rebel flag on his jacket. Explain that one.
Ghoulardi: Self hatred
CHUD: there are dousche bags everywhere, not just the south
Vertov: again, its all context.
CHUD: so ha
Todd: Self Loathing, Lud
Ludious: Oh puhleaze.
Vertov: I'm sorry, that's just bullshit.
Ghoulardi: I love you too, Zimmy
JennGirl: you go to Talladega for the race....hang out with the people that love that flag for a weekend....and then you tell me its context
Vertov: btw, its the white people who are hte most hung up about race in here.
JennGirl: 'cause it's not.
Todd: I bet they give away beer, Jenn
Vertov: so anyways.
Todd: So I'll go
Vertov: Dukes of Hazzard!
JennGirl: nope
JennGirl: they used to give away smokes
JennGirl: but not now
Ludious: Well Vertov, I have my reasons for being hung. Mainly because I live in a state where I am white, but I AM the minority, yet I've grown up hearing about how I'm supposedly opressing someone. It just doesn't make sense to me. So I get sensitive about the stuff.
Ghoulardi: Smokes aren't about family
JennGirl: yeah
Ghoulardi: NASCAR's trying to up their FAMILY Q
Ghoulardi: Like Vegas
JennGirl: it ain't the Winston Cup no more
CHUD: some people will not change, so does that mean u can condemn an entire part of the country?
DarthObvious: Yes
DarthObvious: Yes, it does
CHUD: aight
clarice: where are you from ludious?
Todd rebel yells at Vertov
CHUD: ya narrow minded shit
Ghoulardi sends suicide dancers to dance all over the South
Ludious: Oh fuck you Ghoul. What is it that Red Vs. Blue movie said/
Ludious: ?
Ludious: Get AIDS and die/
Ludious: ?
Vertov: oh christ.
JennGirl: um...
Vertov: how about this.
Ghoulardi: If I get it...
Vertov: all the states suck.
Ghoulardi: Can I give it to you?
Vertov: there.
Ghoulardi: Please?
JennGirl: STOP
JennGirl: both of you
Vertov: northerners, southerners, the midwest, the west... all suck.
Ludious: I don't mean that. Your attitude towards the south is just silly.
JennGirl: jasus
Ghoulardi: No
Ghoulardi: My attitude about the South is, I don't care for TREASON.
Ghoulardi: I'm a patriot.
Ghoulardi: :)
Todd: Anyhow, the south is gay
Todd: !
Ludious: Oh Fuck you.
Vertov: everything everywhere sucks.... except Orange County, CA, where I live. That's the best place that ever was ever.
JennGirl: and Ludious, don't ever say anything like that in here, again.....
Ludious: Oh fine. But Ghoul is trolling and you know it.
Ludious: I'd be banned for what Darth is doing.
JennGirl: no, he's not
Ghoulardi: I am so!
JennGirl: he's stating an opinion
Ludious: Oh come on.
Ludious: No he fucking isn't
Vertov: JennGirl - to be perfectly fair, so is Ludious.
Ludious: He's trolling
JennGirl: you don't tell people to "get AIDS" because you don't like their opinion
Vertov: He's insulting your entire region, btw.
Vertov: and apparently, that's not as bad as Ludious goofing off.
Ghoulardi: How could you be banned for stating fact...that the Rebel flag IS a symbol of sedition and treason
Ghoulardi: ???
JennGirl: my entire region?
Todd: OH yeah????
Todd: !!!!!
Peach: i thought that was seduction
Ghoulardi: is.
CHUD: i grow weary of this BANTER,
Vertov: Ghoulardi - yeah, but... that's you know.... history.
Ludious: Jenn you weren't in here earlier. There was a video posted in here about internet etiquette and one of the quips was 'I hate your opinion get AIDS and die!" It's that context thing Vertov was talking about. That's why I specifically referred to that movie.
Vertov: you sound and act like a troll.
JennGirl: well
JennGirl: let's think about that
Vertov: a fucking talk about fucking Dukes of fucking Hazzard.
JennGirl: not everyone was here
Todd: If I wasn't so high, I'd insult you all with wit
JennGirl: not everyone saw that clip
Ghoulardi: I was, but I wasn't
JennGirl: so maybe i'm not the only person that thought it was a really assinine thing to say
Ludious: Alright Jenn. That's fine. I won't do it again. But I do feel you're paying attention to my stupid quip and ignoring Ghoulardi's obvious inflammatory trolling.
Ghoulardi: Nothing trolling about stating fact
JennGirl: he's not trolling
Peach: stfu ghoulHOMO
JennGirl: what he said is true
Ghoulardi: If you fly the rebel flag, you are a traitor. Pure and simple.

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