Saturday, December 31, 2005

theremin2: gaylord of the sith
theremin2: RISE!
Ghoulardi: Well, lets's face it
Ghoulardi: Palpatine was a little...
Ghoulardi: queenish
theremin2: palpatine was totally a drama queen.
Ghoulardi: The Dark Side is a portal to abilities that many consider...UNNATURAL...
chewybrain: Sidious could really do with some alpha hydroxy for those wrinkles.
Ghoulardi: coughgaycough
theremin2: although, a real homosexual would use some moisturizer on his face or something
rain: metrosexuals use moisturizer and they're not gay
theremin2: god damnit attention.
***DrMajorSgt has joined channel
rain: speaking of metrosexuals, heres DrMajorSgt
DrMajorSgt: metrosexual? Wha huh?
away: dms shaves his legs though
DrMajorSgt: I do use moisturizer. On my hands. They get dry
rain: i rest my case
theremin2: no one pays attention to english anymore...I didn't say ONLY homosexuals would use moisturizer, I said a REAL homosexual WOULD use moisturizer

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