Monday, January 16, 2006

Despin_: eBaum's World is a web site where two guys make a SHITLOAD of money from collected shitloads of other people video clips from around the next and putting them in one space
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Logan: Do you honestly think they make money?
Fishbulb: The original
Miracleman: Yeah, and they're notorious for putting their watermark on everything on the site and rarely giving proper credit to the creators of many of those videos.
Kent: they do logan
Miracleman: They make about 6,000 dollars a day.
Despin_: logan they make a lot of money
Despin_: go google it
Kent: my brother did one of those sites before, wasn't even a famous one and he made a little cash of it
Miracleman: I'm not lying. Roughly 6,000 a day in revenue.
Logan: Wow, nerds really DO run this world.
Miracleman: They have their own building and everything.
* Logan is both envious and stupid.
Miracleman: Don't be envious of them, Logan. Eric Bauman is a shady huckster who loves taking credit for other people's creations.
Logan: I would swindle old people and orphans for every cent they had in any way that was legal. And I would sleep soundly.
Kent: so would I
Logan: I don't give a FUCK how immoral something is as long as it's legal and profitable. I'm just too stupid to figure anything out.
Kent: the smart people exploit the less smart people
Kent: and the smarter people exploit the smart people
Kent: its how the world will always work
Despin_: yup
Despin_: he provides a good service
* Miracleman is suddenly depressed, even though he's smiling.

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