Thursday, January 05, 2006

Logan: God I must have the most stupid friend alive.
Doop: Is he from Ohio?
Logan: I literally had to talk to him for HOURS while he cried his fucking guts out about his long term GF breaking up with him on Friday
Logan: No, he's from California.
Doop: Then no, he's not the stupidest friend alive.
Logan: And JUST now he sends me a message saying how he got his ex-gfs phone number and wants to, and I quote "bang her"
Doop: Hmmm. I've done that (stay up all night comforting drunk/suicidal friends) TWICE in the last year.
Doop: My friends must be twice as stupid.
Doop: You're lucky.
Logan: I am at that, thanks for the perspective.
Logan: I want to slap him so badly. Im like "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING?"
DeckardBR: your friend sounds like a brain surgeon
Huneybee: lol
Vyvyan: I would waste my time talking to a friend crying over some chick
Vyvyan: would not
Doop: It's that whole friend thing...
Logan: I know he's just doing the typical male thing. But come ON, dont go down the dark path~
Doop: That, and insomnia
Logan: Yeah, insomnia has me good.
Doop: Not here. I am slowly dropping like a fly in a raid can
Logan: Fantastic imagery.
* Huneybee douses Doop in Raid
Huneybee: Drown, bitch.
DeckardBR: vyvyan, at some point every guy friend crys to another guy friend over some broad
Huneybee: Good grief
Doop: :p
Huneybee: I come in here twice a month and I've got As The Testosterone Churns on my hands
Logan: You REALLY don't wanna know whats on MY hands...

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