Wednesday, January 25, 2006

spumco: no mainstreme movie out there has a cock shot when they have a sex scene
Nordling: There's quite a long cock shot in KINSEY.
spumco: if it does it get nc-17
Nordling: Don't quite know how they got away with that one.
spumco: really
Yu: Wild Things has a long one.
spumco: hmm
Spooky-Apparition: Kinsey was great.
SilentWar: didn't it have a weiner shot?
Nordling: Yeah, we see Peter Saarsgard's little shattered glass.
Vertov: well, that's an idioscyransy of American film audiences.
Nordling: TINY weenie.
Vertov: Boobs are okay, cocks not so much.
spumco: see i missed kinsy
DevilKitty: Requiem For a Dream?
spumco: i was going to see it
Vertov: I thought it was funny we saw plenty of breast in friggen Brokeback Mountain.
Nordling: I saw Saarsgard's dick and thought... Wow. I could make it in Hollywood.

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