Thursday, March 09, 2006

Random: queens is where its at
Annika: i'm moving to queens this month
Random: where in queens
Annika: rego park
Random: im from forest hills
Annika: nice
Random: where this other guy from
Ghoulardi: Speak English or die, Random
Random: yo ghoulardi u spend way to much time in here, so i just ignored u bitch
Ghoulardi: u?
Ghoulardi: What language is that?
Random: oh and i got the last word to
Ghoulardi: Fucking Martian?
Random: hahahahhaahhahaha
chica: Ghoulardi is no bitch.
Ghoulardi: No, chica, but Random is :)
Random: uh chica i dont come to a chat room to get fileted for saying 'u' instead of 'you'
chica: so it seems
Ghoulardi: Random was a bitch on Rikers
chica: I never said that about you, Random...
chica: but now that you mention it...
Random: no im saying he is a bitch
Annika: ghoulardi is my man :)
chica: YOU is such a small word.
chica: why don't you save abbreviations for other stuff?
Ghoulardi: Anything worth doing is worth doing right
Ghoulardi: And that includes communicating
Random: why do u care
chica: who is this "u"?
Random: its so stupid and snobbish u dont even know
*** Ghoulardi is now known as RandomIsMyBitch
RandomIsMyBitch: You're my bitch, Random
Random: awwww he's getting all angry
RandomIsMyBitch: Now bend the fuck over and you won't get hurt
RaretowN: lol
RaretowN: better listen random
chica: he doesn't need to get angry, he's merely righteous.
Annika: freak out...
Random: ignored again pussy
RaretowN: you wont like ghoul when he's angry
Random: lol
*** RandomIsMyBitch is now known as GhoulAintIgnored
GhoulAintIgnored: You're still my bitch, pillow biter
Random: awwww ghouls throwing a sissy fit
RaretowN: lol
Random: did i hurt your feelings?
GhoulAintIgnored: Yes
GhoulAintIgnored: That must be it
Random: im sorry
GhoulAintIgnored: Ignore me again, moron
GhoulAintIgnored: Why don't you learn to communicate like a human being, moron?
Random: there ya go babycakes
GhoulAintIgnored: Instead of sounding like you're 11?
Random: make another name so i can ignore it again
*** GhoulAintIgnored is now known as AnotherNickToIgnore
AnotherNickToIgnore: Try communicating like a human being, moron
Random: thank you sir may i please have another
AnotherNickToIgnore: Are you dumb?
*** AnotherNickToIgnore is now known as RaretowNIsMyHero
RaretowNIsMyHero: Are you that dumb, Random?
RaretowN: s'better
RaretowNIsMyHero: I'm guessing you are
RaretowNIsMyHero: Prove you're not
RaretowN shoots em outta the sky
RaretowNIsMyHero: Communicate like a civilized being
RaretowN takes all the oil for the village folk back home
Random: begins is gonna be awesome
*** RaretowNIsMyHero is now known as RandomLovesTheCock
RandomLovesTheCock: Are you ignoring me yet?
Random: damn why's this guy so angry
Random: sexual frustration i guess
RandomLovesTheCock: My guess is you're rapidly wanking thinking about how you're attempting to punk me
RaretowN: he gets like that random
RandomLovesTheCock: I'm not angry at all, bitch
RaretowN: time of the month
Random: hahaha
Random: what's angry then
RaretowN: he hasn't gotten any in awhile
*** RandomLovesTheCock is now known as RandomIsMyPunk
chica: you haven't seen angry?
chica: ooh.
RandomIsMyPunk: You don't even wanna see me angry, bub.
Random: hey ghoul your embarrassing yourself
RaretowN: what, do you yell names and shit?
RandomIsMyPunk: If you say so, bitch
RandomIsMy: I can do this all fucking night
Mad[DOG]: RandomIsMyPunk, ur so sexy when ur angry
Annika: ghouli...take a break and count to 20 ok??
Annika: i mean it
RaretowN apologises to the rest of the wedding guests
Random: hahaha
RandomIsMyPunk: It's all for you, SpodBaby
Random: everyones goofing on him now
Annika: shut up random
RaretowN: "im so sorry....he's been going through a divorce recently..."
Mad[DOG]: :D
*** RandomIsMyPunk is now known as RandomDoesntGetIt
RaretowN: "....heat exhaustion..."
RandomDoesntGetIt: You moron...they're not goofing on me.
RandomDoesntGetIt: They are, however, laughing at what a wee punk you are.
Annika: stop aggrevating him random, and ghouli take a little break..
Mad[DOG]: yes
Mad[DOG]: do what annika says
Mad[DOG]: now!
*** RaretowN is now known as Bill_Clinton
Bill_Clinton: now come on y'all, stop fighting
chica: eek Bill_Clinton.
Mad[DOG]: lol
chica: so forceful
*** RandomDoesntGetIt is now known as BreakTimeForRandomMorePunkingS
Bill_Clinton: stop it ah sayed?!
BreakTimeForRandomMorePunkingS: aw
Annika: i'll get my cigars mr.presidente
Random: if he wants to be a baby about things, this is what he gets
BreakTimeForRandomMorePunkingS: Too many letters
Random: im a fast ass typer
*** BreakTimeForRandomMorePunkingS is now known as OhImTotallyABaby
chica: LOL
OhImTotallyABaby: Which is why you can't type in English, you moron
OhImTotallyABaby: There's this thing called an EDUCATION
Random: yeah ok tell me to shut up when he's harrassing me u twat
chica: you're all getting heated over nothin, let the man work here.
OhImTotallyABaby: Get one
Annika: fuck off
*** Bill_Clinton is now known as WHEDONspitfire654
WHEDONspitfire654: HELLO
WHEDONspitfire654: I AM A TROLL
*** OhImTotallyABaby is now known as AnnikaIsNoTwat
chica: LOL there's a troll
Mad[DOG]: lol
chica: that's hilarious
Annika: hi trollie
AnnikaIsNoTwat: Don't be a little bitch, random
WHEDONspitfire654: etc
chica: etc
chica: rofl
Mad[DOG]: u forgot cunt
chica: !!
AnnikaIsNoTwat: Beautiful trolling
AnnikaIsNoTwat: A plus
chica dies
Random: ill go all night with this
AnnikaIsNoTwat: I'm sure you will, Random
Annika: why does everyone have tourette's in here?
AnnikaIsNoTwat: Because you don't even know what an apostrophe is
chica: lol Annika!!!
*** WHEDONspitfire654 is now known as Vin_Diesel
Vin_Diesel: you know
Mad[DOG]: tourettes makes me look cool
chica: yeah, Pete, it does.
Vin_Diesel: my latest movie is all about pacifieing....
AnnikaIsNoTwat: Oh my god! It's Vin_Diesel!
chica: pacifieing?
Random: heh
chica: fie
Vin_Diesel: what we've learned today about fighting is etc etc
Annika: let me get my condoms...
*** AnnikaIsNoTwat is now known as RandomSTILLSucks
chica: etc etc
Mad[DOG]: lol
SilentBobX: lol
*** chica is now known as etc
etc: etc etc
RandomSTILLSucks: What we've learned today is that if you can't communicate in English, someone will call you a little bitch
Random: c'mon ghoul you gotta be quicker then that
Random: i typed that one in with my dick
*** Vin_Diesel is now known as Lars_Ulrich
RandomSTILLSucks: I'm sure you did
etc: finger sized.
Lars_Ulrich: HEY KID
Lars_Ulrich: IM A COMPUTER
RandomSTILLSucks: You'd have your dick out on the internet, wouldn't you, punk?
Annika: sign my boob LARS
RandomSTILLSucks: Sue me, Lars
etc: LOL
SilentBobX: Who's Lars Ulrich?
etc: etc etc etc
RandomSTILLSucks: Oh, wait. I don't download Metallica
RandomSTILLSucks: Because THEY SUCK
Annika: metallic duder
Lars_Ulrich: HEY!
SilentBobX: Who's Metallica?
Mad[DOG]: bob, he's the lead singer from the offspring
etc: eyes bob
SilentBobX: Who's the offspring?
Lars_Ulrich holds up bloody severed head of LIMEWIRE programmer
RandomSTILLSucks: hahahaha
etc: this place is wonderfully MAD!!!
Mad[DOG]: u being serious? they did that... men in black, or somethin
Annika: no it's not
Mad[DOG]: yes it is
*** RandomSTILLSucks is now known as RandomHasTwoDaddies
RandomHasTwoDaddies: Sure it is
Mad[DOG]: "oh no it isn't"
Mad[DOG]: "oh yes it is"
Mad[DOG]: come on, panto time
etc: yes it is.
etc: OHHHH yes it is.
Mad[DOG]: :D
RandomHasTwoDaddies: Oh, fun
etc: panto
RandomHasTwoDaddies: the Chaos IS about to begin
Mad[DOG]: lazy buggers
etc: good, I like it.
Mad[DOG]: they already updated the servers
etc: bring it on
Mad[DOG]: that's why we don't need to identify lately
Mad[DOG]: they're takin the servers down to play games!
etc: oh I wondered about that
Mad[DOG]: yeah, it's a cool little uip thingy so we don't nede to identify
etc: nice
Mad[DOG]: *ip
*** etc is now known as chica
chica: yep
chica: chaos is abated.
Mad[DOG]: :D
RandomHasTwoDaddies: The chaos never ends here
chica: so crank it up
SilentBobX: It is the reason the room is what it is
*** RandomHasTwoDaddies is now known as RandomsLoveCrank
RandomsLoveCrank: Is this good enough?
chica: very good.
RandomsLoveCrank spits at Random
*** Lars_Ulrich is now known as Playgroup_Assistant
Playgroup_Assistant: hey
Annika: cut it out already ghouli
Playgroup_Assistant: hey now
Playgroup_Assistant: come on youuuu!!!
RandomsLoveCrank: I'll cut it out, Annika. When Random either learns to communicate properly or ends his insignificant life.
Playgroup_Assistant: right that does it you little shit
Playgroup_Assistant gets tazer
chica: you said YOU!
chica: he's cured!!!!!
Annika: dont involve me ghouli..i've had ewnough
RandomsLoveCrank gives Annika some more...punch and pie
chica: oh that's not Random.
chica: bah.
Mad[DOG]: don't u hate it when u skim text, and read somethin that aint their? i thought some1 typed Dan Akroyd
chica: that's just rare.
RandomsLoveCrank: Dan Akroyd?
RandomsLoveCrank: WHERE!?!?
Mad[DOG]: yeh
Mad[DOG]: over there!
Mad[DOG] points!
Playgroup_Assistant: i hate it when my text gets john candy disrupted by random thoughts
RandomsLoveCrank looks
RandomsLoveCrank: GODDAMMIT!
Mad[DOG] steals RandomsLoveCrank's shoes
Mad[DOG]: mwahaha
RandomsLoveCrank: You fooled me again!
Mad[DOG]: :D
chica: lol rare
RandomsLoveCrank plots revenge...BLOODY REVENGE!
*** Random is now known as Ghoulardi
RandomsLoveCrank: I'm going to beat you so're gonna spell like Random
*** Signoff: Ghoulardi (SVSKilled: NickServ (GHOST command used by RandomsLoveCrank))
Playgroup_Assistant: lol
RandomsLoveCrank: Dumbass
Playgroup_Assistant: HA!
chica: lol
Playgroup_Assistant: TRAPPED!
chica: rofl
*** RandomsLoveCrank is now known as Random
*** AICNJava7413 ( has joined channel
chica: LOL
Mad[DOG]: hehehe
*** Random is now known as Ghoulardi
chica: served, owned..
Playgroup_Assistant: NO!
Ghoulardi: oops
Mad[DOG]: i lost track of who's who
Playgroup_Assistant: too late
Playgroup_Assistant: you're trapped as random
Playgroup_Assistant: you already left
Ghoulardi: Must be
AICNJava7413: ;sdf;dsfkfkds
chica: lol
Ghoulardi: I'm no longer meself!
*** AICNJava7413 is now known as Random
*** Signoff: Random (SVSKilled: NickServ (GHOST command used by Ghoulardi))
*** AICNJava6430 ( has joined channel
chica: oooh!@!!!!!!
Playgroup_Assistant: AUTO death!
Annika: they are stealing eachother's nick??
Ghoulardi: No
Ghoulardi: I'm killing his :)
Mad[DOG]: :D
chica: no, Ghouli owns it
Annika: oooh
Annika: aawww
Playgroup_Assistant: nah, someone is finding out how high up the ladder ghoulardi is round these parts
Annika: you're the king og the world ghouli
Mad[DOG]: he aint hi up
Ghoulardi: I'm not high on any ladder
AICNJava6430: i forgot he's in here all day
chica: he reggied it.
Ghoulardi: I'm HIGH ON LIFE!
Mad[DOG]: he just slept his way there
chica: lol

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