Thursday, March 09, 2006

Weresmurf: I used to know a guy who could lick his own balls
Weresmurf: how scary is that
Weresmurf: he was a gymnast
Annika: gene simmons??
Ghoulardi: Um...
Ghoulardi: Ew
Annika: :p
Annika: dogs can lick their own balls
Annika: ooh...that should have been *roasted..not repasted
Annika: good thing the grammar patrol is not here this morning
Ghoulardi: roasted and repasted
Annika: rpasted*
Weresmurf: lol
Annika: i'm not the best typist
Ghoulardi: pasted and reroased
Annika: quick, but not accurate
Ghoulardi: reroasted
Weresmurf: Nah but seriously, he was skinny as hell, and was flexible as hell, his gf said to us one day 'Oh a trick I have him do in the bedroom is to blow himself and lick his own balls' we all basically stood up and left at that point
Annika: eewwww
Weresmurf: Youre telling me
Weresmurf: we avoided him for ages
Weresmurf: lol
Weresmurf: every time since we call him Rimmer
Weresmurf: lol

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