Tuesday, April 11, 2006

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dmann: its not Caffiene
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dmann: Caffiene in soda, generally = ok
dmann: Caffiene in tea = acceptable
dmann: caffiene in coffee = the devil
mrmilonakis: yeah, how come?
mrmilonakis: i shake like a crackhead when i drink coffee
mrmilonakis: but I can drink caffiene in any thing else
mrmilonakis: even energy drinks
Abstruse: dmann: Rollins is doing a film thing? Where at? I wanna see!!
dmann: IFC
Abstruse: Or listen or whatever.
mrmilonakis: is it movie reviews?
Abstruse: Fuck...
dmann: reviews and commentary
Abstruse: I listen to his spoken word stuff up at work all the time...
mrmilonakis: if so, damn........that was started 2 years ago
dmann: Abs....look on the net
Vegas: does anyone ever read the entirety of the Bible? Do they all just forget that passage where Jesus is helping (HELPING) everyone get fucking DRUNK?
mrmilonakis: I met someone about that, that took a long time to get rolling
mrmilonakis: I never forget that part, vegas. That's why he is my savior
mrmilonakis: he showed me the way
Abstruse: Vegas: Dude, they can't get past the "Thou shalt NOT KILL" part...
Vegas: "Ah, lord? We appear to be out of wine." "Shit, negros! I'ma gone git you CRUNKED UP!" (Yes, Jesus was black, or maybe arabic, but he wasn't fucking white). And with this, Jesus didst turn the water into wine.
mrmilonakis: yo momma
dmann: Abs, its like quoting Pope JP 2, calling for a culture of life
dmann: but only accepting HALF of it
mrmilonakis: jesus turned water into St. Ides
mrmilonakis: damn computers for not having a CROOKED I font
mrmilonakis: ST Crooked I d to the e to the s
dmann: because a "culture of life" means no killing
Vegas: Thou shalt not SWIPE.
dmann: no death penalty
Vegas: Swiper, no SWIPING!
dmann: no war
Abstruse: Last I heard, it was "THOU SHALT NOT KILL"...not "Thou shalt not kill...unless they're heathens...or doing something you think is a sin...or..."
Vegas: a culture of life also means protecting the life that already exists. Which means not demolishing the environment that supports it, or blocking efforts to heal diseases that plague it.
mrmilonakis: I'm going to jump off the top of a 20 story building. Jesus just emailed me and told me to do it.
dmann: heh....i just got mrmilonankis name.... after the most odd song lyricist since Wesley Willis died
mrmilonakis: thanks
mrmilonakis: I don't know who wesley willis is, but I take it as a compliment
Abstruse: Vegas: I've met a couple that loved saying that life was a gift from god, and the planet was a gift from god. I'm thinking "Yeah, do you normally take a gift from someone, say 'Thank you', then piss all over the gift right in front of the person giving it to you?"
dmann: Wesley Willis was a homeless, schitzophrenic singer/songwriter from chicago who sang such amazing tunes as "rock and roll mcdonalds" and "alanis morrissette"
mrmilonakis: oh he's dead? i guess I can't battle him then?
mrmilonakis: I was writing some new rhymes
Abstruse: I've finally discovered the exact difference between a Christian and an atheist...it involves the final response to a series of questions...
mrmilonakis: I want to go head to head with him
dmann: no
dmann: hes dead
dmann: and he was an unmedicated schitzophrenic homeless person
dmann: who was 6 foot 5
mrmilonakis: that's pretty sweet
mrmilonakis: I'm not homeless but I was close once
dmann: you absolutely must hear his stream of semi consiousness songs
mrmilonakis: oh it's off the dome?
mrmilonakis: freestyle
mrmilonakis: nice
dmann: its off the dome, the question is, where the fuck was his dome at the time
mrmilonakis: word
mrmilonakis: you're deeper than my mommas punanny
dmann: he was crazier than all the wingnuts who loiter on Hollywood Blvd during the day combined
mrmilonakis: i got a nice paris hilton diss in my new "
mrmilonakis: Fuck LA song
dmann: yeah
mrmilonakis: "The people here are kinda fishy, I'm like a strong drink, missy. two parts wacky, three parts bitter, I'm bored of watchin dudes sniff coke while bangin paris hilton on the shitter, I'd rather drink malt liquor, I'm getting sicker and sicker, I gotta go to the weed spot to get faded like a sweatshirt that's been washed too much, I'm too high I think I copped too much
mrmilonakis: but you don't have to valet, you can park for a quarter, I'm gonna flip my fuckin lid if I see another stick figure bitch drinkin evian water
dmann: wow, that just described why i live in Des Moines
mrmilonakis: hehe
dmann: "The prettiest girls in the world live in Des Moines, Iowa" - Jack Kerouac
dmann: he didnt add "if you like girls with a lot of ass"
mrmilonakis: if you like big boneded girls, go to des moinds
mrmilonakis: moines
dmann: nah, their bones are the right size
dmann: its their asses which are meaty
Abstruse: I like big butts and I cannot lie.
mrmilonakis: like a big beef brisket
dmann: i mean, theres skinny ones
mrmilonakis: I like big butts but I'm totally good at lying and hiding the fact
mrmilonakis: that's my comeback song
dmann: but many have the curves of a Frazetta girl
mrmilonakis: only 15 years late

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