Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Annika: no, i watch desperate housewives
Annika: it's sex with the clothes on
Annika: that's what makes it so great
Ghoulardi: That's not sex
Ghoulardi: That's dry humping
Annika: yepp
Weresmurf: Dry Humping is awful... the first two months of my current relationship she wouldnt allow full sex... she said we could 'rub' through underwear, it was like TORTURE I tell you
Weresmurf: Dry Humping is like a Quarter pounder without the patty. i.e. Without the meat in the buns its no fun...
Ghoulardi: That was a decidedly anal comment
Weresmurf: lol
Annika: i like that were
Annika: builds the excitement :)
Annika: how soon whould you sleep with a guy if you wanna keep him??
Weresmurf: Annika straight away
Weresmurf: and swallow
Weresmurf: and do anal.
Annika: lol @ were
Annika: no way
Annika: i mean for serious
Weresmurf: ummm
Weresmurf: third date.
Annika: :o really?
Weresmurf: I dunno
Weresmurf: Ive always had sex the first night until I met pam
Weresmurf: then it took like 2 months
Annika: ghouli..i soon should you sleep with a guy if you wanna keep him?
Weresmurf: Dunno, Ghoul you ever slept with a guy you wanted to keep?
Ghoulardi: Within 18 minutes
Weresmurf: lol
Weresmurf: LOL Ghoul
Ghoulardi: Hey, I have a short attention span!
RavvyAwake: 18 minutes indeed
Ghoulardi: Figure it this way
Ghoulardi: Men are always thinking about sex
Weresmurf: yep
Ghoulardi: They're very visual creatures
Ghoulardi: And they're easily distracted
Ghoulardi: So, if you don't give it up immediately...
Ghoulardi: They've already scoped out replacements
Ghoulardi notes the nods of silent agreement
Ghoulardi: In a college town like Columbus, a good looking woman goes by about once every 20 minutes, averaging out over a day's span
Ghoulardi: So, if you don't give it up quickly...you're already on the way out. Yet another reason why college girls are so easy.
Annika: lol @ ghouli..18 mins
Ghoulardi: It's true!
Ghoulardi: I've done EXTENSIVE research on it!
Annika: rite
Annika: it's always interesting to see how men think about these things
Weresmurf: Awesome :D
Weresmurf: Mesa gonna get em
Ghoulardi: Annika...living near the campus of a major university will give you a great microcosm to study.
Ghoulardi: It's like a little sexual fishbowl where people drink too much and don't go to class
Annika: i think there are alot of dumb horney people at colleges
Ghoulardi: Quite possible, Annika
Annika: dumb people do nothing but screw..they are lucky if they can hold down a job
Ghoulardi: But, there are a lot of dumb horny people everywhere
Annika: that's how we get a cool show like the Maury show :
Annika: :)

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