Tuesday, April 11, 2006

*** DannyOcean04 (DannyOcean@3239def7.252137e.in-addr.btopenworld.com) has joined channel #aintitcool.com
DannyOcean04: Does this girl look fat?
DannyOcean04: http://client.webshots.com/photo/362864214/362864697ChdeXP
Vegas: Danny she looks normal
DannyOcean04: Does she look attractive
Vegas: yes
Annika: actually you can't tell what the height or body look like
Vegas: Danny is it for a job interview or do you want to date her?
Annika: date
DannyOcean04: heh
DannyOcean04: lol
Vegas: Then why does it matter if she is fat or not?
DannyOcean04: It a lady I know in Stockholm
Vegas: Do YOU think she's pretty?
DannyOcean04: I wasn't sure if she had gained weight
Vegas: Is she fun to be with?
Vegas: Danny Why does that matter?
Annika: you should have just asked her for a picture of her thighs and ass danny
DannyOcean04: I'm shallow
Vegas: Danny and add " alone for the rest of my life" to that too
DannyOcean04: heh
DannyOcean04: Ahhh Vegas
DannyOcean04: I can always depend on honesty from you
Vegas: Danny do you want to carry around a scale and a tape measure for the rest of your life, or do you want someone you think is pretty and fun to talk to?
DannyOcean04: Yeah, Scandinavians are interesting
DannyOcean04: quite shy when you first meet them
DannyOcean04: some people guage that as arrogance

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