Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ghoulardi: I have...minions.
Ghoulardi: And they're all finally admitting that they are, in fact, my evil minions.
Ghoulardi: I'm a SOOPER VILLAIN
Nordling: Heheh
DrCyclone: Ghoulardi has gone crazy
Nordling: "gone"?
Ghoulardi: Actually...
Ghoulardi: I'm certified sane.
Ghoulardi: How many of YOU can say that?
RaretowN: ghoulardi makes insanity look like a standard entry requirement for presidency.
RaretowN: no, wait....
Nordling: You had to be certified?
Nordling: Heheh
Ghoulardi: I have two friends who are shrinks
Ghoulardi: They swear up and down that I'm the sanest person they know.
Ghoulardi: I'll take their word for it.
RaretowN: are they usually backing into a corner as they do so ghoul?
Nordling: Ghoulardi, you're being glib.
Nordling: :P
RaretowN: you're a jerk.
Ghoulardi: Me?
Ghoulardi: Glib?
Ghoulardi: NEVER!

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