Wednesday, June 28, 2006

kentrel: is Denis Leary funny?
RaretowN: denis leary is funny at points
SilentBobX: Denis is funny as fuck
RaretowN: he does get a bit tiresome though with his quick-talking-rants
kentrel: I've got some of his stuff on mp3 in the same comedy folder as Bill Hicks and Sam Kinison and he just seems like he's a ripoff
Kwame: a fuck is funny?
RaretowN: really irked me how he was made to work that into a scene in demolition man
RaretowN: as if the film wasnt bad enough as it is
SilentBobX: Yes Kwame. If done with clowns and they keep honking their noses with every stroke. ;)
Kwame: Bob: EWWWW...........
SilentBobX: And I thought all the world loved a clown
MistressDrusilla: wait....did you just have a sentance with the words "clowns" and "stroke" in it??? EWWWWWWW
SilentBobX: Clowns going 'honk' 'honk' while fucking and then..........they cum confetti
Saffy: Clowns scare me

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