Wednesday, June 28, 2006

RaretowN: and im told i look like chris martin
RaretowN: not gwyneth
Abstruse: Or whoever
Ghoulardi: You look like Chris Martin's scrote
RaretowN: you look like staphen kings rectum ghooul
Ghoulardi: RaretowN=celbrity scrotum
Ghoulardi: rectum?
Ghoulardi: Dude, I almost fucking killed 'em
Vertov observes as the other chatters compare one another to the lower organs of various male celebrities
RaretowN: i wish i was jack black's scrotum.
Nordling: I want to be Brad Pitt's taint.
Ghoulardi: Nordling IS The Taint of Brad Pitt. Starring Brad Pitt's taint as Nordling. And Angelina Jolie as the Taint Licker.
Nordling: Hehehehe
RaretowN: dude there's other parts of brad you can be if you want angelina's lips on you
Vertov: This room always uplifts my spirit and expands my knowledge.
Nordling: We aim to please.
Nordling: And usually miss.
RaretowN: hell if it wasnt for gravity we couldnt hit the ground
Ghoulardi: Yes, but Nordling starts right at the origin of things. The mighty taint.
RaretowN: taint what you know its who you know

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