Monday, July 17, 2006

Ludious: 1500. I am a Samurai warrior with amazing
regenerative powers.
Strewinq: InvaderZim u r my man :) Firend I liked u
:)) say again it
Strewinq: [InvaderZim] Yeah, Ludious? How old is your ass?
Strewinq: :D
Strewinq: eheueheueheu
Strewinq: nihahahaha
Ludious: Actually. I'm 23.
Strewinq: u like ChiLd.
Strewinq: 13-
Ludious: Alright. You got me. I'm 13.
Ludious: Can't get one past you.
mumbles watches the sparks fly. Love is in the air at AICN.
Strewinq: :)
Ludious: My heart is all aflutter.
Ludious: It's as if I'm waking up for the very
first time. I've been asleep my entire life.
Strewinq: :pPppPPppPP
Strewinq: Ludious I can get lol onLy I am fucc‡nq
Man I am gay give me :) ur ass onLy fiRst.
Ludious: Oh holy God.
Ludious: This has gone too far.
InvaderZim: You're the best, Strewinq
InvaderZim: this is priceless.
mumbles: sweet jesus
Strewinq: :)
Ludious: You only want to fuck me in the ass after
I admit to being "13"?
InvaderZim: You can't say no to love, Ludious.
Strewinq: yeah I fucced man ( age 12 ) :)
mumbles: why can't this crazy love be mine.
Ludious: Saffy, help me.
Strewinq: open ur ass
Strewinq: I am cominq
Strewinq: I will heLp u
Jacob: yo
Strewinq: dont worry
Strewinq: :)
InvaderZim: this is the best
Jacob: only 20 percent for lady in the water.
Jacob: at rotten tomatoes.
Ludious: So Jesus Walks by Kanye West is a pretty
damn good track.
Strewinq: Ludious look pm
Saffy: Ludious?
mumbles: so you found religion here at the end of
it all?
Saffy: how can I help you
Ludious: Safft. Strewinq is molesting me.
Ludious: Saffy rather.
Strewinq: :D
Strewinq: no
Saffy: Strewinq stop molesting Ludious'

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