Monday, July 24, 2006

RaretowN: ive had the worst hangover from gin
RaretowN: bile
Indy_aka_Rex: you've had bile?
RaretowN: there is nothing so close to hell as spewing bile
Indy_aka_Rex: lol
RaretowN: which oddly enough, is what i like about this room
Indy_aka_Rex: bile?
RaretowN: yeah
RaretowN: "i didnt like this movie etc"
Indy_aka_Rex: you filthh
RaretowN: bile is bright green
RaretowN: looks like you're puking nuclear waste
RaretowN: then for hours after you puke NOTHING
RaretowN: just dry heave
RaretowN: even water tastes wrong
RaretowN: lying still hurts
RaretowN: but yeah
RaretowN: other than that i enjoyed my sister's 18th birthday party

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