Saturday, April 21, 2007

(1:20:02 AM) Spykidthe13th: FRAGILE ROCK
(1:20:20 AM) Spykidthe13th: "Laugh your cares away/Worries for another day ..."
(1:21:04 AM) Vertov: sorry, I didn't get HBO usually or DIsney channel or whatever
(1:21:13 AM) ***Vertov lives in the GHETTO, you white kidz!
(1:21:24 AM) Vertov: well, not really.
(1:21:33 AM) Vertov: but my family would sometimes get cable, then we wouldn't.
(1:22:37 AM) Wildcat: sounds illegal
(1:24:50 AM) Vegas: I think I liked porn best when it was scrambled.
(1:24:57 AM) Vegas: my imagination always made the titties bigger.
(1:25:30 AM) jed: I remember one scrambled image vividly
(1:26:17 AM) jed: girl a going down on girl b "doggie style" for lack of a better term, and girl a is holding girl b's cheeks open and shaking her head back and forth blowing into her taint
(1:26:29 AM) jed: like girl b was a copy of mega man 2 that got dusty

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