Saturday, April 14, 2007

(8:22:46 PM) dmann: So...
(8:23:05 PM) dmann: MEET THE ROBINSONS had a preview for U2 3D
(8:23:12 PM) dmann: that looked COOL
(8:26:03 PM) Spykidthe13th: MEET THE ROBINSONS rocked.
(8:26:05 PM) Spykidthe13th: I loved it.
(8:27:03 PM) dmann: the 3D is BEAUTIFUL.... and theres a cool old Donald Duck/Chip n Dale 3D cartoon
(8:27:08 PM) dmann: from 1953
(8:27:17 PM) Spykidthe13th: dmann, yeah!
(8:27:18 PM) Spykidthe13th: I had that.
(8:27:23 PM) Spykidthe13th: I worship Chip'n'Dale.
(8:27:28 PM) Spykidthe13th: I collect Chip'n'Dale stuff.
(8:27:45 PM) Spykidthe13th: I love how Disney doesn't officially say they're gay, but poses them that way on the pins.
(8:27:55 PM) Spykidthe13th: And in all the media stuff, they're always in these very homo-stereotype poses.
(8:28:01 PM) Spykidthe13th: It's very cool Disney is gayfriendly.
(8:28:06 PM) dmann: OH GIVE IT A FUCKING REST

-=I posted too soon, because the conversation came back up a few minutes later=-

(8:34:42 PM) Spykidthe13th: dmann, the point is, that Disney sort of represents them to appeal to the gay crowd.
(8:35:16 PM) dmann: THEYRE CARTOONS!!!!!
(8:35:20 PM) Whisper: Spykid, you're smoking crack on this one.
(8:35:47 PM) Spykidthe13th:

8:35:47 PM) dmann: you crack headed mother fucker.... can ANYONE talk about ANY MOVIE WITHOUT YOU BRINGING UP THE GAY SIDE????

(8:35:52 PM) Saffy: what...the...fuck
(8:35:55 PM) dmann: WE GET IT, YOURE GAY
(8:35:56 PM) Saffy: Chip and Dale?
(8:35:58 PM) Spykidthe13th: dmann, I never bring it up.
(8:36:02 PM) dmann: I DONT CARE
(8:36:51 PM) dmann: YOU ALWAYS BRING IT UP... if we are talking romcoms, its where are the gay romcoms, if its comedy its about gay stereotypes, blah fucking blah blah blah....
(8:36:55 PM) Jacob: dmann.. did the kids like the movie?
(8:37:16 PM) dmann: Jacob, they loved it...mostly for the silly animals and the 3d

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