Saturday, April 07, 2007

no joined the chat room.
no is now known as Dragonquest.

Dragonquest: hello
Dragonquest: howis evey one?
Dragonquest: no one here?
MoriIsChilling: You appear to have caught the room in a lull.
Dragonquest: oh i see
MoriIsChilling: Happens this time of night.
Dragonquest: maybe they are asleep?
MoriIsChilling: People forget they're logged in.
Dragonquest: I do that to
Dragonquest: well i will come back later
Dragonquest: bye sir
Dragonquest left the chat room. (Quit: )
MoriIsChilling: It's as dead in here right now as Darklord's sex life.
MoriIsChilling: Not enough people give mad scientist cackles to punctuate conversations.
MoriIsChilling: If I worked in an office, I'd do that constantly.
• Darklord cups Moriarty's balls in his hands
Darklord: What you say you change that then sweet cheeks.
MoriIsChilling: .... ew.
MoriIsChilling: I know who you are, puppet master.
MoriIsChilling: And you are freakin' my shit out.
• Darklord rubs Moriarty's ass
Darklord: How does it go, two in the pink and one in the stink.
MoriIsChilling: That's not my ass!
MoriIsChilling: In fact, I don't think whatever you're rubbing is attached to me.
• MoriIsChilling feels bad for poor Jacob.
SilentWar: !!!
MoriIsChilling: I'm willing to use him as a human sex shield, though.
• Vertov is intrigued with this Darklord
Darklord: Jacob doesn't have a tattoo on his ass that says "Property of Harry Knowles"
Kottentail: you sure about that darklord?
MoriIsChilling: Okay, I have to leave now. This is creeping me out. I was enjoying some real-world post coital bliss and answering some e-mails, and now you've skeeved me out.
Darklord: Hold on a second, this may be Rav's ass.
• MoriIsChilling shudders as he goes.
Vertov: you've been chasing it for awhile.
• Darklord goes back to fondling himself to the melodies of Ethel Merman

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