Monday, May 14, 2007

Adam: I have a question. A serious question.
keith-not-here: I have an answer. A jokey answer.
Adam: Does Jacob actually expect anyone to take his opinion of ANYTHING seriously?
keith-not-here: Yes.
keith-not-here: He really does.
Adam: But...but...
theremin: do you mean Jacob, or spykid?
Adam: He likes GARFIELD. And we ridicule him for it. CONSTANTLY.
Adam: How can you expect people who make fun of you to take you seriously?
theremin: hey....he got something right: (12:07:34 AM) Jacob: big trouble was a hell alot better then either mummy movie.
keith-not-here: I actually really like Jacob and Spykid
Adam: A broken clock is right twice a day.
theremin: even a broken clock knows that the mummy movies suck

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