Monday, May 21, 2007

A half hour of this nonsense...and he never told anyone his "theory":

Hans: hey, I know what Lost is really about.
Hans: I have descovered Lost's big secret
WoodyTobiasJr: Careful, or Drew's gonna give ya a paddling.
Saffy joined the chat room.
WoodyTobiasJr: Welcome Saffy.
Saffy: It's gonna be an allnighter
Hans: It took many months of careful thought and reseach to come to my conclusion.
Saffy: I can feel it
MoriWriting4Articles: Yeah, me, too, Saffy.
Saffy is now known as Guest42145.
Guest42145: Oh blergh
Guest42145 is now known as Saffawake.
Hans: I just don't know if I should reveal what Lost is.
• MoriWriting4Articles sighs.
MoriWriting4Articles: If it's a lame punchline, just get to it already.
WoodyTobiasJr: I warned you, Hans.
MoriWriting4Articles: If it's a genuine spoiler, shut up.
MoriWriting4Articles: But seriously... stop dragging it out.
MoriWriting4Articles: It ain't getting any funnier the longer you do it.
Hans: I'm not trying to be funny, I have an actual theory
MoriWriting4Articles: Theories aren't spoilers.
Hans: but I know you guys would just laugh or say its already been said or something
MoriWriting4Articles: As long as you're only talking about what has aired and you don't incorporate anything from next week's episodes, theorize away.
Hans: what are your guys theories?
Hans: Saff, do you have a Lost theory?
WoodyTobiasJr: Jesus Hans, shit or get off the pot, would you?
Hans: what?
Saffawake: My theory is lost is a TV show that gives me the opprotunity to oogle hot men
WoodyTobiasJr: My theory is that I might watch the dvd's someday if I ever get around to it.
Hans: thats not a theory
WoodyTobiasJr: I've got an army of Lost scientists working day and night, and that's the best they could come up with for me.

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