Monday, May 21, 2007

Saffy: Mori I heard an awful rumor about his son that I really hope isn't true.
MoriWritingThreeArticles: I heard that, too, Saffy.
MoriWritingThreeArticles: If it is true, it's awful.
Saffy: Mori and I heard it from my friends in the Autism community, so it wasn't like vicious know>
RavvyRav: whats this awful rumor?
MoriWritingThreeArticles: Well, Scientology says autism doesn't exist.
MoriWritingThreeArticles: And the rumor is that Travolta and his wife are allowing their son to go untreated because they say he's "not sick."
RavvyRav: ahhh
MoriWritingThreeArticles: And so his quality of life is evidently shit.
Nordling: That's terrible.
Nordling: So, wait... Tom Cruise made RAIN MAN.
Saffy: With intervention and treatment they can afford ( and my friend has to fight for...) the child can live a good life.
Saffy: But allegedly they just don't believe in it
Nordling: You would have thought he might have said something back then.
Nordling: I mean, it's pretty obvious Raymond is autistic.
Tequila: geez thats horrible
dmann: if thats true, its fucking criminal
Nordling: Wouldn't Cruise have some sort of moral issue with the film?
Neil: he was in Legend too
Anderson: Well, he joined the church right around 88 or 89
Neil: and unicorns don't exist
Anderson: Rain Man might've missed the crazy cutoff
Neil: I'm sure that's what he tells himself
MoriWritingThreeArticles: Well, that's the story. That neighbors with autistic kids are actually pushing the authorities to step in.
dmann: my cousin.... he shows what can be done if treated right. ronald is pretty classically autistic
MoriWritingThreeArticles: If that happens, the story will explode.
MoriWritingThreeArticles: And if it does, that will be fucking awful for Travolta, Scientology... everyone involved.
MoriWritingThreeArticles: And hopefully good for the kid. Finally.
MoriWritingThreeArticles: Maybe he'll finally stop coming in our chatroom as Spykid... errrr... I mean...

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