Wednesday, May 23, 2007

so many dirty euphemisms, so little time

[Ludious] so which boy do you like the most bamf? Orlando or Keira?
[Ludious] OH.
[Ludious] So witty.
[bamf] Norrington, hubba hubba
[plAnteater] Mori said that he doesn't know what the general public will make of it.
[Vertov] are you mocking her figure, Ludious?
[Vertov] pfft!
[bamf] He can Davenport me anytime
[DeckardBR] keira is model hot
[Ludious] Yes Vertov, but I think the comment fell flat.
[Ludious] Kinda like HER.
[Ludious] ZING
[Vertov] oh man.
[DeckardBR] I prefer Keira's chest to Pamela Anderson's rock boobs
[Ludious] so bamf, what you're getting at is that you would jolly his roger any time.
[Ludious] clean the ole poop deck whenever asked?
[bamf] Yea, and I'd walk his plank too.
[Ludious] plunder his booty?
[Vertov] this'll get worse before it gets better
[bamf] this is SO getting blogged
[Ludious] batton down his hatches?
* Vertov gets into it
[Vertov] Climb his topsail?
* Vertov buries his face in shame.
[Ludious] pay respect to One Eyed Willy?
[asilla] poop!
[Ludious] fire off his cannon?
[Ludious] polish his cuttless?
[bamf] Shout "yo ho ho"
[Ludious] climb his crow's nest?
* Vertov is shocked no one mentioned a mast yet

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