Monday, May 21, 2007

Your Most Intimate Bruce Willis Questions Answered!

Jake: is harry still taking questions for bruce
MoriWritingThreeArticles: Yeah.
dmann: hi Nordling,do you like candy? i like candy....
MoriWritingThreeArticles: Feel free to keep sending questions in.
dmann: we should be friends
Tequila: Dear Bruce,
MoriWritingThreeArticles: "Mr. Willis, when Ashton Kutcher is finished with her, can I have my turn with Demi? Also, your daughters are starting to get really hot. Can you put in a good word for me?"
Tequila: How is Demi
dmann: did someone really ask if they could smell his penis?
bamf: His daughters are getting hot?
bamf: Really?
FordFairlane: if no one else is going to do it
Tequila: lol
* FordFairlane is now known as WalterB
Nordling: Mr. Willis, when Demi is through with Ashton, can I have him?
WalterB: i could use a laugh today
MoriWritingThreeArticles: Honestly, Dmann, you'd be shocked how bad some of the questions were.
Tequila: lol
dmann: Dear Beedb, your daughter is named rumer, my name is remur
dmann: we should be married
dmann: tomorrow
WalterB: dear Mr Willis... when will see a sequel to the greatest film ever made
MoriWritingThreeArticles: And, yes, one of the letters really did say, "I know you had crazy porno butt sex with Alisha Klass. I will pay you $100 to smell your penis. PS -- I liked MOONLIGHTING, too."
Jake: what about a moonlighting reunion movie?

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