Friday, June 29, 2007

[18:47] SilentWar> Vamp, earlier, you said that you don't read books because they're boring.
[18:47] Vamp>
[18:49] SilentWar> I just wanted to make sure you actually said that, Vamp.
[18:50] Vamp> SW, what's wrong with not reading books?
[18:50] SilentWar> Oh boy.
[18:50] SilentWar> Everything's wrong with not reading books.
[18:50] JeTmAn> vamp prefers books when they're black and crispy
[18:50] jr> What if you just read one book
[18:50] Vamp> It's my personal preferance.
[18:51] jr> and base your whole life on it
[18:51] jr> and kill anyone who disagrees
[18:51] Vamp> I've read many books in the past.
[18:51] JeTmAn> all of that confusing stuff in books, people don't agree with each other. why do people try to make each other upset by writing stuff like that
[18:51] JeTmAn> he he he
[18:51] * JeTmAn has been reading Fahrenheit 451
[18:51] Vamp> Last book I read was The Lost World in 1996!!
[18:51] JeTmAn> Vamp = intellectually challenged
[18:51] JeTmAn> you don't read comics do you Vamp
[18:51] jr> intellectually challenged = stewpid
[18:52] SilentWar> I'm sorry Vamp, but it's just amazing that you would actually say something like that.
[18:52] Vamp> Comics aren't reall available in the UK.
[18:52] jr> thats horseshit
[18:52] jr> I read 2000ad and the judge dredd megazine
[18:52] Vamp> I really wish i'd got into comics.
[18:52] JeTmAn> do they still do reprints of american comics in the UK
[18:53] jr> in any case, 'I live in the Uk' is hardly an excuse for 'I don't read books'
[18:53] Vamp> I think.
[18:53] jr> dunno JeT
[18:53] jr> I'm not interested in superhero comics
[18:53] Vamp> I read autobiography's.
[18:53] Vertov> UK is known the world over for people who write books!
[18:53] Vamp> My main hobbies are playing my decks and making music on my pc.
[18:53] JeTmAn> actually, you know....not everyone has to read books. not everyone's into that stuff. some people would prefer to just dribble a basketball, and that's fine. it's fine to read, too. it's fine to do both.
18:54] jr> or just dribble
[18:54] SilentWar> No, JeTmAn. It's not fine to not read books!
[18:54] JeTmAn> oh music eh any samples?
[18:54] Vamp> I've sampled Winston Churchills war speech on a record i'm making.
[18:55] jr> he did more than one 'war speech'
[18:55] Vamp> The very famous one, "we will fight on the beaches".
[18:55] jr> ah
[18:55] jr> its 'we will fight THEM on the beaches'
[18:56] Vamp> You know what I mean.
[18:58] Vamp> SW, you can have more fun playing decks and amking music than you can ever can reading a book.
[18:59] SilentWar> ...
[18:59] SilentWar> I'm not discounting your hobbies.
[18:59] jr> quiet
[18:59] jr> I mean
[18:59] jr> quite
[18:59] jr> srty
[18:59] SilentWar> I have nothing against making music or, um, playing decks.
[18:59] SilentWar> But reading....
[18:59] SilentWar> is fundamental!
[19:00] jr> unless you're an ignoramus
[19:00] Vamp> Ju
[19:00] JeTmAn> show us samples of your music vamp
[19:00] Vamp> Just don't read novels.
[19:01] SilentWar> Ok. Well, it's your life, man.
[19:01] Vamp> Ok
[19:02] jr> I say we stone the heretic

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