Thursday, June 28, 2007

[20:14] Jacob> I find bay totally overated
[20:14] SilentWar> See.
[20:14] Ludious> I find garfield totally overrated
[20:14] SilentWar> See?!?
[20:14] Jacob> I only liked one of his movies.
[20:14] SilentWar> How can a man as reviled as Michael Bay be overrated?
[20:14] Jacob> he makes mostly shit movies.
[20:15] SilentWar> Ok, but what I'm saying is, a person has to be rated highly in the first place for him to then be overrated.
[20:15] SilentWar> Who, exactly, rates Bay highly?
[20:15] SilentWar> Studio executives, probably. Since his movies rake in the dough.
[20:15] Jacob> you guys think he is fucking god..
[20:15] Jacob> he is not.
[20:15] SilentWar> Hah
[20:16] Jacob> cameron, speilberg are god.
[20:16] Ozymandias> Pyrotechnicians?
[20:16] Ludious> I don't think he's God, but apparently he's made a good movie.
[20:16] Ludious> Why should I hate a filmmaker for MAKING A GOOD MOVIE?
[20:16] Ludious> It seems insane.
[20:16] Ludious> clinically.
[20:16] Jacob> if you want a good movie.. then check out die hard 4.
[20:17] SilentWar> I'm on a tiresome quest to rid the world of the use of 'over-' and 'underrated'.
[20:17] Jacob> alot of good action.
[20:17] * Ludious beats his head against his desk.
[20:17] SilentWar> Jacob, holy shit.
[20:17] Ludious> Jacob. You would drive a priest to murder.
[20:17] SilentWar> There's no movie in the world more Bay-esque than DIE HARD 4.
[20:17] SilentWar> None.
[20:17] SilentWar> Michael Bay should sue the production for brainless explosions infringement, or something.
[20:18] SilentWar> In fact, please, watch DIE HARD 4 and then watch THE ROCK.
[20:18] Jacob> there is a director that I hate more then bay.
[20:18] SilentWar> And see if something doesn't click.
[20:18] SilentWar> I know, I know. Stephen Somers.
[20:18] SilentWar> Er, Sommers.
[20:19] Jacob> if you could revoke a directors licence..
[20:19] Jacob> he would be top of the list.
[20:19] * SilentWar hands Ludious a towel to wipe the blood off his desk.
[20:19] SilentWar> I'm sorry, Ludious.
[20:19] SilentWar> It's not my fault, but I'm still sorry.
[20:20] Jacob> sorry for what?
[20:20] Ludious> Wait Sommers?
[20:20] Ludious> I thought you liked Van Helsing.
[20:20] plAnteater> Vern liked Die Hard's action sequences. He made them sound fun to watch.
[20:20] Jacob> they are fun..
[20:20] Jacob> plant.
[20:21] Jacob> fuck no.
[20:21] SilentWar> I've seen DIE HARD 4 and, yeah, it's fun.
[20:21] Jacob> van hesling is my worse movie of the godmann decade.
[20:21] Ludious> I bet you don't like it cuz the hot girl dies at the end right?
[20:21] plAnteater> Well *I* liked Van Helsing. Probably would have felt ripped off if I'd paid theater prices, but I enjoyed it.
[20:21] Ludious> That's the REAL reason.
[20:21] Jacob> fuck that.

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