Monday, June 11, 2007

Abstruse: I still haven't seen Hostel all the way through and I have the DVD
Abstruse: I put it on once when a girl was over and she got worked up and then I was distracted.
Abstruse: Apparently, I tend to attract girls that are a bit weird...
ClerkSmurf: Abs YOU attract girls who are wierd?
justcheckin: wow abstruse
ClerkSmurf: Dude look at MY relationship resume
ClerkSmurf: A compulsive gambler/liar, a bipolar schizophrenic, a shoplifter, a manic depressant...
Adam: Hey, they're attracted to Abs.
Adam: That says it all
justcheckin: i don't know if i'd tell anyone smurfy
ClerkSmurf: lmao thats just the start
Abstruse: Smurf: She got turned on watching Hostel.
ClerkSmurf: Abs, sex and death are linked.
ClerkSmurf: So its not unusual.
Abstruse: I've also had one girl who wanted to drink my blood, and yet another who I dated in high school for about two weeks who ended up in an insane asylum because she was kicked out of mortuary school when she was caught with one of the "clients".
ClerkSmurf: Abs wins
ClerkSmurf: Hands down.
Adam: Now, remember all those girls.
ClerkSmurf: A necrophiliac...
ClerkSmurf: That just takes the..erm...dead...cake
Adam: Then, remember, they liked YOU.

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