Monday, June 04, 2007

AICN Help Desk Part 1(more to come later)

[05:26] * AICNJava2654 ( has joined
[05:26] AICNJava2654> anyone completed blade dancer
[05:26] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> no
[05:26] * AICNJava2654 is now known as protagonist
[05:27] Ozymandias> wtf is that?
[05:27] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> What is 'blade dancer'? Like the Matrix?
[05:27] protagonist> nope
[05:27] protagonist> a game
[05:27] protagonist> rpg game psp
[05:27] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> and they called it blade dancer?
[05:27] protagonist> ya
[05:27] Ozymandias> Don't play RPG, don't have a PSP.
[05:27] protagonist> blade dancer lineage of light
[05:27] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> japanese based?
[05:27] Ozymandias> You're shit out of luck.
[05:27] protagonist> ya
[05:27] protagonist> got english
[05:28] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> I play RPG, but I majorly dislike consoles... grrr
[05:28] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> I play real computer RPGs
[05:28] protagonist> OH
[05:28] protagonist> ic
[05:28] protagonist> i got some butg
[05:28] protagonist> bug
[05:28] protagonist> my psp game
[05:28] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> oh...
[05:28] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> check the developer's website?
[05:28] protagonist> can't get the scene i wanna when i reach the gate of dark citedal
[05:29] protagonist> i not sure about that btw,even i know it will be troublesome
[05:29] protagonist> so no one here played blade dancer huh
[05:29] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> well, advice... developer's website... if it's a bug, it should be listed,
unless it is brand new... and maybe a fix, if they do patches for PSP
[05:29] Ozymandias> Oh damn, I forgot the MTV Movie Awards were on so I could not watch them.
[05:30] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> heh
[05:30] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> I did, too
[05:30] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> I didn't realize they still had MTV movie awards
[05:30] Ozymandias> Of course I can not watch the 3 dozen repeats MTV will have of the show.
[05:30] protagonist> this game many people completed
[05:30] protagonist> impossible to have a bug
[05:30] protagonist> i bought that game 1 week ago
[05:31] Ozymandias> Hosted by Sarah Silverman....lot of use of the mute button.
[05:31] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> not impossible... just improbably
[05:31] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> er, le
[05:31] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> Ozy, I feel the pain
[05:32] protagonist> WHO COMPLETED BLADE DANCER!!
[05:32] Ozymandias> I did.
[05:32] protagonist> OH
[05:32] protagonist> is it
[05:33] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> I completed Blade Runner, does that count?
[05:33] protagonist> u completed?
[05:33] protagonist> title is blade dancer
[05:33] Ozymandias> Yeah, what's the problem?
[05:33] protagonist> not blade runner
[05:33] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> Prot, you might want to try a game channel, not a movie channel
[05:33] protagonist> ok good
[05:33] protagonist> ummm do u have any bug once u reach the dark citedal
[05:33] Ozymandias> Nope.
[05:33] protagonist> i can't go in the gate
[05:33] protagonist> why theres problem!!
[05:34] Ozymandias> Did you get the obsidian key in the cave?
[05:34] protagonist> obsidian key?
[05:34] protagonist> which key? u meanno
[05:34] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> Wait, did you get the oblong stick, the one right before the village?
[05:34] protagonist> i never get any obsidian key lolz
[05:34] Ozymandias> Yeah, you nead it to open the gate.
[05:34] protagonist> OH
[05:34] protagonist> diao
[05:34] protagonist> no wondor
[05:34] protagonist> obsidian key located at where?
[05:35] Ozymandias> In the cave.
[05:35] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> the cave, right before the village
[05:35] protagonist> which cave
[05:35] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> next to the village
[05:35] Ozymandias> The one LordHoban just mentioned.
[05:35] protagonist> HUH confused?
[05:35] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> what was the last village you passed by?
[05:36] protagonist> after killing the clone char i went back to domerine point
[05:36] protagonist> to go to vemos island lor
[05:36] Ozymandias> Oh shit, you're playing Blade Dancer, I thought you ment Blade Danger.
[05:36] Ozymandias> My bad,
[05:36] protagonist> i dun rememberd what obsidian key
[05:36] protagonist> darn
[05:36] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> You know, if it were Blade Runner, all you had to do was go back and kill the
[05:36] protagonist> bLADE DANCER!! LANCE IS THE CHAR
[05:36] protagonist> wth
[05:37] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> See, you should go play Blade Runner
[05:37] protagonist> i though u play
[05:37] Ozymandias> In Blade Dancer you need the crystal amulet from the dungeon.
[05:37] DrKentrel> I was watching this video the other day, where this bonobo chimpanzee was playing Pacman
and doing pretty well
[05:37] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> Ozy, the pearl, too, in the mouth of the dragon
[05:37] protagonist> crystal amulet to open the gate?
[05:37] Ozymandias> No no, that's after the Dark Citadel.
[05:37] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> Oh, damn it, I always get those confused.. the dragons look so much alike
[05:38] protagonist> i went to dark citadel and no scene occur thats the problem
[05:38] protagonist> so i need to key huh?
[05:38] Ozymandias> The pearl opens the inner chamber in the emerald castle.
[05:38] DrKentrel> protagonist, why don't you just do a hardware cheat
[05:38] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> It's been so long since I played that game, it all gets fuzzy after awhile
[05:39] Ozymandias> I got a sweet cheat code for Blande Dancer.
[05:39] * protagonist ( Quit (Quit: protagonist)
[05:39] * AICNJava1757 ( has joined
[05:39] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> Ooh, here's one. Stand, click X, Z, and Y, turn in a circle, and throw the
remote out of the window...
[05:39] * AICNJava1757 is now known as protagonist
[05:39] protagonist> hey
[05:39] protagonist> sry dc
[05:39] MoriWritingFourArticles> That was a sweet cheat code, Ozy.
[05:39] protagonist> just who who talk to me?
[05:39] protagonist> about blade dancer
[05:39] MoriWritingFourArticles> Too bad you said you're going to bed now.
[05:40] MoriWritingFourArticles> I'm going to go try that now and win the game.
[05:40] protagonist> ozmadias
[05:40] protagonist> are u there
[05:40] Ozymandias> Yeah, goodnight folks.
[05:40] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> Bye Ozy
[05:40] protagonist> wait
[05:40] protagonist> i wan to ask u
[05:40] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> it was fun talking to you
[05:40] protagonist> about the game
[05:40] * Ozymandias is now known as TheRoamingGnome
[05:40] MoriWritingFourArticles> I'm gone, too, so I can try that cheat code out.
[05:40] MoriWritingFourArticles> G'night!
[05:40] protagonist> wait
[05:40] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> bye Mori,...
[05:40] protagonist> i need to ask someting about the blade dancer
[05:41] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> I think I should go, too... I don't want to be alone in here, not playing Blade
Dancer with the code...
[05:41] protagonist> DARN
[05:41] protagonist> i need help on that game
[05:41] protagonist> ANYONE!!!!! HELp
[05:41] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> Prot, if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?
[05:41] protagonist> anyone completed blade dancer!@
[05:42] protagonist> 17 darn
[05:42] protagonist> why u ask that
[05:42] protagonist> lordhoban u played blade dancer before btw?
[05:42] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> Go to google, type in Blade Dancer and cheat code, and badaboom, badabeem, walla
[05:42] protagonist> why cheat for what?
[05:42] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> or walkthrough or whatever, and I'm very much too generous, here
[05:43] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> er, being
[05:43] protagonist> umm walkthrough no sue
[05:43] protagonist> use
[05:43] Darklord> What game?
[05:43] protagonist> they say the moment i reaxch dark citadel should have the scene occur
[05:43] * LordHobanWhippedbyIRC slaps his forehead
[05:43] protagonist> blade dancer
[05:43] Darklord> Don't you mean Blade Danger.
[05:43] * LordHobanWhippedbyIRC goes off and enters the code
[05:44] protagonist> the main char of the game is LAnce
[05:44] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> Is he from LA?
[05:44] Darklord> Lance Bass is the main character in a game called Blade Dancer....ok.
[05:44] protagonist> anyone completed blade dancer
[05:44] protagonist> ya
[05:44] protagonist> u know about it huh
[05:44] protagonist> did u completed the game dude?
[05:45] Darklord> I completed Blade Danger.
[05:45] protagonist> bkade dancer? i mean
[05:45] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> There's a game called Blade Danger?
[05:45] protagonist> blade dancer
[05:45] Darklord> FUCK YEAH!
[05:45] Darklord> Only the most awesome game ever.
[05:45] protagonist> so u never completed blade dancer lor
[05:46] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> why would anyone play a game where Lance Bass was the title character?
[05:46] protagonist> main char
[05:47] protagonist> just wanna to know who completed that game
[05:47] protagonist> i need to ask some question
[05:47] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> I weep for the species
[05:47] protagonist> please be serious
[05:47] Darklord> Is Blade Dancer like Dance Dance Revolution?
[05:47] protagonist> no
[05:47] protagonist> rpg game
[05:47] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> hehe
[05:47] Darklord> RPG?
[05:47] protagonist> i stuck on the last park of dark citedal
[05:47] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> Prot, no one here has played the game... go to a game channel
[05:47] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> this is a movie channel
[05:47] protagonist> game channel where
[05:48] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> whereever you find it... but it is not here
[05:48] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> try dalnet
[05:48] protagonist> ok nvm
[05:48] protagonist> gtg
[05:48] protagonist> thanks
[05:48] protagonist> bb
[05:49] * Darklord gets out Blade Danger to play
[05:50] LordHobanWhippedbyIRC> *sigh*
[05:50] * protagonist ( Quit (Quit: protagonist)

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