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AICN Help Desk Part 2(Part 1 below)

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[05:50] * LordHobanWhippedbyIRC pets his dog, starfucker
[05:51] * AICNJava6780 is now known as protagonist
[05:52] (protagonist) anyone completed blade dancer
[05:53] (Darklord) I thought you hade to go.
[05:53] (protagonist) haiz
[05:53] (protagonist) games place have less poupulation
[05:53] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) This is such a cruel world
[05:53] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) Prot, this is not a place to ask... you will only find dissapointment
[05:54] (protagonist) then no choice
[05:54] (protagonist) i shall take a leak at you
[05:54] (Darklord) Much like the disappointment women find in LordHoban's bed.
[05:55] (Darklord) Wait, you're going to piss on us?
[05:55] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) I just got shafted, limewire, you such
[05:55] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) er, suck
[05:55] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) damn it all to hell
[05:55] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) Not on us, AT us
[05:56] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) but Darklord might enjoy it too much
[05:56] * Darklord stands behind LordHoban
[05:56] * LordHobanWhippedbyIRC melts into the floorboard
[05:57] * LordHobanWhippedbyIRC does his T-1000 impression, rises above Darklord, and stabs him a couple times to keep him in place
[05:57] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) aha!
[05:57] (Darklord) Damn, what the hell have you been drinking, protagonist.
[05:57] (Darklord) You melted LordHoban.
[05:57] (protagonist) darn
[05:57] (protagonist) i'm back
[05:57] (protagonist) no one PLAY BLADEDANCER
[05:58] (protagonist) SUCKS MEan
[05:58] (Darklord) What's Bladedancer?
[05:58] (protagonist) told u many times
[05:58] (protagonist) RPG game
[05:59] (protagonist) no more repetation of words anymore
[05:59] (Darklord) Is it like Blade Dancer?
[05:59] (protagonist) i explain explicity already
[05:59] (protagonist) is RPG game
[05:59] (Darklord) RPG?
[05:59] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) I think it's like Blade Runner
[05:59] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) It has androids
[05:59] (protagonist) battle system like final fantasy game
[05:59] (protagonist) too bad no one here played blade dancer
[06:00] (Darklord) Final Fantasy, that movie sucked.
[06:00] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) It stars Lance Bass, as an android from the future... hunting down replicants
[06:00] (Darklord) They made a game based on that movie.
[06:00] (Darklord) Why?
[06:00] (protagonist) final fantasy 7 advent child movie u mean?
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[06:01] (protagonist) that movie is far too cool
[06:01] (MoriWritingFourArticles) Did I tell you guys who is starring in the BLADE DANCER movie?
[06:01] (Darklord) They made seven of those films?!?!
[06:01] (protagonist) ANYONE COMPLETE BLADE DANCER
[06:01] * AICNJava3361 is now known as Ribbons
[06:01] (Ribbons) Blade Dancer?
[06:01] (protagonist) Yes
[06:01] (protagonist) blade dancer!!!
[06:01] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) Mori, who? Paris Hilton?
[06:01] (protagonist) who completed that game
[06:01] (MoriWritingFourArticles) I hear Lance Stryker's starring in it. I hear they're doing it as the most expensive gay porn film of all time.
[06:02] (MoriWritingFourArticles) But very true to the game.
[06:02] (Darklord) Wasn't the first bad enough, I mean it looked cool but the story blew.
[06:02] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) it all makes sense now...
[06:02] (MoriWritingFourArticles) It'll basically be just like the game. But with lots and lots of guys getting face shots. And they're spending an entire $300,000 on it. It's gonna be off the hook!
[06:02] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) Cgi facials, nice
[06:02] (protagonist) who complted blade dancer game
[06:03] (MoriWritingFourArticles) All of us.
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[06:03] (protagonist) moriwriting
[06:03] (Ribbons) Do you know where it would be, eventually? Like a blog or something?
[06:03] (protagonist) wHO completed blade dancer!!
[06:03] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) some trolls always trying to iceskate uphill
[06:04] (protagonist) WHO COMPLETED BLADE DANCER
[06:04] (Ribbons) I did!
[06:04] * protagonist ( has left
[06:04] * Logan (AICNJava50@EDD352DE.8A5CD93C.DB292700.IP) Quit (Quit: Logan)
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[06:05] (protagonist) ANYONE BLADE DANCER GAME FREAK
[06:05] (Darklord) Wait, someone was in here earlier talking about Blade Dancer.
[06:05] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) I never got to see Fountain, didn't play locally
[06:05] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) It was a bummer
[06:05] (protagonist) bummer
[06:05] (protagonist) is it?
[06:05] (Ribbons) How would you know it was a bummer if you didn't get to see it?
[06:05] (Ribbons) *chuckle*
[06:06] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) You know what I meant :P
[06:06] (Darklord) It was dmann, you should PM and ask about the game, protagonist.
[06:06] (MoriWritingFourArticles) And Jacob.
[06:06] (protagonist) dmann
[06:06] (Ribbons) I just saw it a few days ago meself, LordHoban
[06:06] (protagonist) ?
[06:06] (MoriWritingFourArticles) Jacob played BLADE DANCER obsessively.
[06:06] (protagonist) is it
[06:06] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) Rib, don't brag
[06:06] (protagonist) where is him now
[06:06] (MoriWritingFourArticles) He said he solved it in less than a week.
[06:06] (MoriWritingFourArticles) They're here, but might be sleeping.
[06:06] (MoriWritingFourArticles) Just send them PMs about it, protagonist.
[06:07] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) That was one of those I really wanted to see, as I love his other two films
[06:07] (protagonist) why didn't u told me eariler
[06:07] (MoriWritingFourArticles) I'm sorry we were teasing you earlier. Just ask Jacob and Dmann about it.
[06:07] (MoriWritingFourArticles) We were just fooling around.
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[06:07] (protagonist) they sleeping darn
[06:07] (protagonist) at this time?
[06:08] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) yes, fooling around.. big time... *twirls finger around*
[06:08] (protagonist) they talk about blade dancer too?
[06:08] (Darklord) Just keep PMing them.
[06:08] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) Actually, I remember Jed saying something about it as well
[06:09] (protagonist) are u lieing me??
[06:09] (protagonist) lol
[06:09] (MoriWritingFourArticles) Nope.
[06:09] (MoriWritingFourArticles) We were kidding earlier, though.
[06:09] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) Why would we lie to you?
[06:09] (MoriWritingFourArticles) Sorry, man. It's just that we knew they were sleeping, and we can't answer your questions.
[06:09] (Darklord) nah, Jed was talking about Blade Danger.
[06:09] (protagonist) diao
[06:09] (protagonist) BLADE DANCER!!!!! DARN
[06:10] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) Momma always said, like is like a box of chocolates, start lying to one, you
have to start lying to them all
[06:10] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) er, life is like,
[06:11] (Eb) wtf is Blade Danger or Dancer or whatever the hell it's called
[06:11] (Ribbons) protagonist is really Spykid, isn't he?
[06:11] (protagonist) hey
[06:11] * plAnteater ( Quit (Quit: Fluffy! Bunnies! of evil ...)
[06:11] (Ribbons) What up, blood
[06:11] (Eb) yeah hey - Spykid is at least intelligent, however eccentric he may be
[06:12] (protagonist) anyone know that jocob will wake up?
[06:12] (protagonist) he chat with u guys for how long probably?
[06:12] (Eb) see
[06:12] (Ribbons) That's true Eb. I went a little over the top with that one
[06:12] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) Ribb, it would make sense, then
[06:12] (Eb) protagonist where you from?
[06:12] (Ribbons) Not often, protagonist. You think the guy who made BLADE DANCER has time to rub elbows with plebes like us?
[06:12] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) He's a 17 year old kid trying to get himself banned
[06:13] (protagonist) diao
[06:13] (protagonist) why u think so
[06:13] (Eb) what does diao mean?
[06:13] (protagonist) i trying to ask urgently
[06:13] (Eb) this shit's just makin me psychotic here
[06:14] (Eb) seriously wtf is goin on here!!??
[06:14] (Eb) what's B;ade dancer?
[06:14] (MoriWritingFourArticles) I don't know. I'm watching BIG TRAIN and trying to cut nine more pages from my script.
[06:14] (protagonist) a game
[06:14] (Eb) *Blade
[06:14] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) Eb, please, don't ask
[06:14] (Ribbons) Some video game, Eb
[06:14] (Eb) oh
[06:14] (protagonist) darn is RPG game
[06:14] (Darklord) Blade Danger kicks ass!
[06:14] (protagonist) UMD disc for psp
[06:15] (Eb) uh-huh
[06:15] (Eb) so glad I asked
[06:15] (protagonist) EB why u ask that?
[06:15] (Ribbons) Luigi bring a the pizza. Why you gotta make a the fun, eh?
[06:16] * LordHobanWhippedbyIRC just wants to get a higher quality version of a song, no luck
[06:16] (protagonist) any blade dancer GAMER HERE
[06:16] (Darklord) Eb, how goes that PSP Games FAQ website you run?
[06:17] * AICNJava3281 is now known as Fishbulb
[06:17] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) hey Fish
[06:17] (LordHobanWhippedbyIRC) save us from the insanity!
[06:18] (protagonist) O_O''
[06:18] * LordHobanWhippedbyIRC is now known as LordHobanAddictedtoIRC
[06:18] * Fishbulb ( Quit (Quit: Fishbulb)
[06:18] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) nooooooooooooooooo!
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[06:18] (protagonist) anyone completed blade dancer
[06:18] (AICNJava5850) lol
[06:18] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) *sigh*
[06:19] (protagonist) LOL?
[06:19] (protagonist) NO ONE EVEN KNOW BLADE DANCER HAIZ!!
[06:19] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) Prot, can you give me an address of where you live?
[06:19] (protagonist) why
[06:19] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) I will give you all the secrets of the game if you do...
[06:19] (protagonist) u which country
[06:19] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) I live in england
[06:19] (protagonist) darn
[06:19] (protagonist) i from singapore
[06:19] (protagonist) and its far
[06:20] (protagonist) what secrets?
[06:20] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) Some frequent flyer miles go a long ways
[06:20] (protagonist) sent letter huh?
[06:20] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) Besides, I can mail them
[06:20] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) yeah
[06:20] (protagonist) darn
[06:20] (protagonist) i though u never play blade dancer
[06:20] (protagonist) u play blade danger
[06:21] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) That was Darklord... and I have my connections
[06:21] (protagonist) so u completed tat game is it
[06:21] (Eb) my PSP FAQ site is as awesome as ever, thanks for asking DL
[06:21] * AICNJava7222 is now known as Fishbulb
[06:21] (Eb) was elsewhere there
[06:21] (Fishbulb) ok, thats a little better
[06:21] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) Fish!
[06:21] (Ribbons) Howdy Fishbulb
[06:21] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) I knew it was you
[06:21] (protagonist) LORDHOBAN
[06:21] (Fishbulb) this was running painfully slow before
[06:21] (protagonist) can i ask u something
[06:21] (Fishbulb) it's still got a lot of lag
[06:21] (Fishbulb) what is it with this chatroom
[06:22] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) Prot, only if you stick a fork in your eye immediately following the question
[06:22] (Eb) you mean other than the fact that it draws all kinds of weirdos?
[06:22] (protagonist) fishbuld u completed blade dancer game?
[06:22] (Fishbulb) I mkean, other than the fact that Java chat sucks now
[06:22] (Fishbulb) or else my computer sucks
[06:22] (Fishbulb) it's gotta be one of the two
[06:22] (protagonist) LORDHOBAN!!
[06:22] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) both
[06:23] (Eb) so like, is Blade Dancer the sequel to Blade Runner, with Rutger hauer's replicant coming back to life, but turned into an effeminate ballerina?
[06:23] (protagonist) LORDHOBAN
[06:23] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) I can't even switch to mIRC now, as it doesn't seem to work.. so I'm stuck on java
[06:23] (protagonist) LORDHOBAN
[06:23] (Eb) wow looks like you've got a fan
[06:23] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) Mori, can I please have ops for 1 minute?
[06:23] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) Eb, a fanclub
[06:24] (Eb) awww that's like kickin a retarded child
[06:24] (Eb) i mean phsyically kicking him
[06:24] (Eb) *physically
[06:24] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) Eb, ahhhh, so? Can't I be cruel once in my life?
[06:24] (Fishbulb) Man, those MTV Movie Awards last night had to be the lamest MTV Movie Awards ever
[06:24] (protagonist) kick who
[06:24] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) See what all the hubub is like?
[06:24] (Eb) are the MTV awards ever anything BUT lame?
[06:24] (Fishbulb) It looked like they put about 30 minutes of effort into making the show
[06:24] (Fishbulb) yes
[06:24] (Fishbulb) they used to be good
[06:25] (Eb) uh-huh
[06:25] (Fishbulb) back when Ben Stiller would host, and the parodies were actually well produced and funny
[06:25] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) again, second mention of the MTV awards...
[06:25] (protagonist) hey
[06:25] (Eb) cos a show that celebrates the Best Kiss has the ability to actually be good
[06:25] (protagonist) ;
[06:25] (protagonist) ;
[06:25] (Fishbulb) They didn't even attempt to make anything good
[06:25] (Fishbulb) they got the audience at HOME to send in lame parodies
[06:25] (Fishbulb) and that's what they wasted time showing
[06:25] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) They should have brought back Gollum... that would have been worth a watch
[06:25] (Eb) well we live in the era of Big brother etc
[06:26] (Fishbulb) Not to mention there were about 7 parodies of 300
[06:26] (Fishbulb) Does anyone give a shit about 300?
[06:26] * LordHobanAddictedtoIRC listens to the Ducktales game theme
[06:27] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) uumm, I liked 300...
[06:27] (Fishbulb) Sarah Silverman had a few mildly funny jokes
[06:27] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) but as far as parodying it goes? enh
[06:27] (Fishbulb) But the majority of it was just terrible
[06:27] (Fishbulb) They should never have made it live
[06:28] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) It's like Mad TV, for some reason, the damn show just won't die
[06:28] (Fishbulb) They should have pretaped it and devoted time to making pretaped segments that were actually funny
[06:28] (Fishbulb) yeah, I don't know anyone who watches Mad Tv
[06:29] (Fishbulb) Well, "Best Kiss" was OK Eb
[06:29] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) Mad TV had some funny stuff on it, long ago, when they used to actually parody
movies... way back in first season, maybe some of second... why did they stop?
[06:29] (Fishbulb) cause Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen won that
[06:29] (Fishbulb) at least that was mildly amusing
[06:32] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) the death of the american dream, but that's assuming it ever existed
[06:33] * Moriarty ( has joined
[06:33] * Darklord sets mode: +qo Moriarty Moriarty
[06:33] (Moriarty) Thanks for the +o (Op) Darklord :)
[06:33] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) WB Mori
[06:33] (Fishbulb) Seriously, the MTV Movie Awards used to be the best awards show of the year
[06:33] (protagonist) '
[06:33] (protagonist) t
[06:33] (Fishbulb) the onee last night was about as boring as the Oscars
[06:34] (Fishbulb) what happened
[06:34] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) MTV generation grew up, the generation that replaced it was boring
[06:34] (Fishbulb) They actually had Andy Samberg on, and Sarah had to APOLOGIZE to him that his segment was cut
[06:34] * MoriWritingFourArticles ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[06:34] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) a bunch of savages in this country
[06:35] (Ribbons) I tells ya
[06:35] (Fishbulb) so let's cut actual comedians who might do something funny and replace them with videos from people at home
[06:35] (protagonist) anyone completed blade dancer
[06:35] (Ribbons) It's not quite as loosey-goosey as it used to be
[06:35] (Ribbons) Which is why it's not as entertaining
[06:35] * Kentrel2 ( has joined
[06:35] (Ribbons) Now it's just a bunch of sub-Bruce Vilanch quips and skits
[06:37] (Fishbulb) yeah
[06:37] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) wb Ken
[06:37] (Fishbulb) MTV really does suck horribly now
[06:37] (Fishbulb) I mean, worse than ever
[06:37] (Fishbulb) At this point it really does seem like a channel that's run by 15 year old girls
[06:37] (Fishbulb) They used to somewhat be oriented toward music fans
[06:37] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) MTV hasn't been good in 12+ years
[06:37] (protagonist) who completed blade dancer
[06:37] (protagonist) who completed blade dancer
[06:38] (AICNJava5850) (lol)
[06:38] * DrKentrel ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[06:38] (Fishbulb) I know it's cliche to complain that MTV doesn't show music anymore
[06:38] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) They used to have original programming, like Aeon Flux and The Maxx... now? eck
[06:38] (Fishbulb) But now even the shows they show instead of music aren't interesting
[06:38] (protagonist) who completed blade dancer
[06:40] * LordHobanAddictedtoIRC listens to Moby's Extreme Ways
[06:40] * DrKentrel ( has joined
[06:40] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) wb... again
[06:41] * AICNJava0077 ( has joined
[06:41] * AICNJava0077 ( Quit (Quit: AICNJava0077)
[06:41] (protagonist) who completed blade dancer
[06:41] (protagonist) who completed blade dancer
[06:41] * Kentrel2 ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[06:42] (Fishbulb) Um...protagonist, give it a rest
[06:42] (Fishbulb) no one did, apparently
[06:42] * Moriarty sets mode: +b *!*ICNJava67@*
[06:42] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) Oh come on, no one is this daft, he's a troll... he's a 12 year old kid trying to get banned,
[06:42] * protagonist was kicked by Moriarty (Okay. We're done. - Invincible - 271)
[06:42] (LordHobanAddictedtoIRC) ok, happy now
[06:42] * AICNJava7441 ( has joined
[06:42] * LordHobanAddictedtoIRC sings the happy joy joy song
[06:43] (DrKentrel) anyone here complete Pacman?
[06:43] * AICNJava7441 is now known as protagonist
[06:43] (AICNJava5850) lol
[06:43] * LordHobanAddictedtoIRC gouges his eyes out
[06:43] (DrKentrel) I watched this documentary recently about these intelligent bonobo chimpanzees from the Congo
[06:44] (DrKentrel) they had one playing Pacman and doing pretty well. Made me feel embarrassed about my own ability
[06:44] * Moriarty sets mode: -b+b *!*ICNJava67@* *!*@*
[06:45] (Moriarty) Protagonist, there was a recent study done that shows that people who say BLADE DANCER more than 40 times in an hour like to rape animals and eat babies. We can't have that in here. Fuck off, now.
[06:45] * protagonist was kicked by Moriarty (This is my foot in your ass. Enjoy! - Invincible - 272)

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